Faisal Movers Sleeper Bus Karachi To Lahore Ticket Price

 Faisal Movers Bus Timings Schedule Ticket Prices and Contact Numbers

Faisal Movers has modern buses of varying types with luxurious amenities for a comfortable journey for Pakistani people. Tier bus services are now available across Pakistan, in most of its deffernt popular cities. You can find intercity Faisal Movers bus service in almost all cities. With professional & convenient services, it do not take them long to win the hearts of the passengers.

Faisal Movers Bus Service is one of the leading Transport bus companies in Pakistan, providing affordable & convenient travels transportation services to passengers across the Pakistan. Whether you are traveling for work, “visiting families” or traveling with good Timings on the road, Faisal Movers has a bus service route to suit your needs.

Faisal Movers is offers regular bus services between deferment cities of Pakistan including Faisal Movers operates in all major cities of Pakistan such as KarachiLahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi Peshawar, Quetta, Bahawalpur, Multan DG Khan, Swat, Naran, Murre, Gilgit, Hunza valleys, and many others cities of country. Buses depart from these cities on a “daily basis” making it easy for travelers to choose a convenient departure time. The company operates a fleet of luxury modern, air conditioned buses equipped with comfortable seats, ample legroom, & a host of amenities to make your journey as pleasant as possible.

Faisal Movers Sleeper Bus interior LCD photo
Faisal Movers Sleeper Bus interior LCD photo by Tanvir aslam

Faisal Movers Bus Timings / Bus Schedule

Looking for Faisal Movers bus timings/bus schedule for your trip?

 You can find bus timings from major cities like Lahore,  Quetta, Karachi, Rawalpindi/Islamabad,  Faisalabad Multan, Bahawalpur & many more.

For example: if you are traveling from Lahore to Islamabad, you will find a variety of bus timings to choose from. Buses run from Lahore throughout the day, the 1st bus leaving at Morning 5:00Am & the last bus at Night 02:00Am. The journey takes around four hours 30minutes.

Similarly: if you are traveling from Karachi to Islamabad/Rawalpindi, you will find a range of bus timings to suit your schedule. Faisal Movers Buses run from Karachi throughout the day, the 1st bus leaving at Morning 10:00Am & the last bus at night 11:00Pm. The journey takes around 18 hours, but the buses are equipped with amenities to make the journey as comfortable as possible.

Faisal movers sleeper bus karachi to lahore ticket price and Timings Details.

Faisal Movers, Faizabad, Islamabad

Karachi to Islamabad

Every 02 hours

Faisal Movers, Chowk Yatim Khana, Lahore

Karachi to Lahore

Every 2 hours.

Finally: Faisal Movers bus is a convenient & affordable transportation option for travelers in Pakistan. Whether you are traveling for work or pleasure, you are sure to find a bus route & departure time that suits your needs. With bus timings & a fleet of modern, air conditioned buses, Faisal Movers service makes it easy for passengers to move from one city to another in comfort & style.

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Faisal Movers Business class service from Lahore to Islamabad Ticket Prices

Lahore: Faisal Movers has started business class bus service in Punjab from Lahore to Islamabad at very reasonable ticket prices. According to the details, some time ago private transport company Faisal Movers announced the launch of premium bus service from Lahore to Islamabad.

Now business class service has also been started by Faisal Movers Bus.

However: The good news for the passengers is that the prices of the business class bus service is also kept at the same level as the Tickets of the premium bus service. The ticket price for business class from Lahore to Islamabad is Rs 900. Business class buses have excellent & comfortable seats, and faselities internet, mobile charging and LCD screen with every seat.

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Route Ticket Prices

Executive Super Executive

KARACHI to LAHORE Rs.5000/6100 

KARACHI- MULTAN Rs.3500/4500 



KARACHI to SWAT (Mingora) Rs.6600/7800


Information Source: Faisal Movers Terminal officer, info update GOdear Date: 07-03-2023

(Tickets are not sold on this website. Ticket prices are subject to change, visit Faisal Movers official website or contact phone number to get tickets.)

Official Contact Faisal Movers

Lahore | Islamabad | Peshawar | Multan | Bahawalpur | DG Khan | Karachi

For Reservations Contact | 

Website: https://faisalmovers.com/

 Mobile: 03 111 22 44 88 | UAN: 111 22 44 88

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