People bus service route and timings in karachi

 People Bus Service Karachi all Routes Details With Timings and Ticket Price Details

Karachi: The bustling metropolitan city of Pakistan, is known for its traffic congestion and transportation issues.

However, the People Bus Service Karachi Route has been a significant addition to the city’s public transportation system. This essay will provide an overview of the People Red Bus Service Routes, its route, landmarks, & the benefits and drawbacks of using it.

Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon has shared details about the new route of People’s Bus service on his Twitter account.

The Bus Service Intra City Routes is a public transportation system that operates in Karachi, Pakistan. It is a cost effective mode of transportation for the city’s residents & visitors. The route covers various areas of the city, including commercial & residential areas. The significance of this service is that it provides a convenient & affordable way for people to travel around the city. Additionally. It is an eco friendly mode of transportation that helps reduce carbon emissions.

The route of the People Bus  Karachi Breeze Service Karachi covers many landmarks of the city. It starts from the Malir Eastern area and then goes through the south and West Clifton area, which is known for its beautiful beaches and restaurants. The route also covers the famous Pakistan Areas and the National Highway of Pakistan, which are popular tourist attractions. Moreover, it passes through the business district of the city, which is home to many multinational corporations.

Transport Secretary said : that buses on other Many routes (11, 12, 13) will be run after road repairs.

The People Bus Service Karachi Route has several benefits, such as being a cost effective & eco-friendly mode of transportation. However, it also has some drawbacks. One of the main drawbacks is that the buses can get overcrowded during peak hours, which can be uncomfortable for passengers. Additionally, the buses may not always be punctual, which can be inconvenient for people who have to be at a certain place at a specific time.

Addition of another routes of People Bus Service in Karachi

There is good news for the people of Karachi that the Sindh government has added another route to the this Bus Service.

Karachi: Notification of several routes of People’s Intra District Bus Service has been issued. The notification has been issued by Commissioner Karachi Muhammad Iqbal Memon as Chairman Regional Transport Authority.

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The notification of the Commissioner Karachi states that the routes are classified for the operations of the People Intra-District Bus Service.

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Route No.1 

According to the notification, the first route of the People’s Bus Service will be.

from Khokhra Cross to KPT Tower directly from Saudabad, 

Malir Halt”

Drig Road Station, 

Lal Kothi, 


Metropole, Press Club, Arts Council to the tower.

People Bus Karachi route 1map photo
Map photo people Bus route 1 by sindh Government Information fb page.

Route No.2

The second route is for Korangi Crossing from North Karachi, up to 

Nagan Chowrangi’

Sohrab Goth’

Nepa, Drig Road, Colony Gate’ Shah Faisal Colony & Landhi Road.

People Bus karachi route 2 map photo
People Bus karachi route 2 map photo by sindh Government Information page fb.

Route No.3

The third route will be “Nagan Chowrangi to Singar Chowrangi direct from 

Indah Mor”

North Nazimabad

KDA Chowrangi” Liaquatabad’ Civic Centre, Karsaz, Nursery’ Korangi Road to Singar Chowrangi.

People Bus karachi route 3 map photo
People Bus karachi route 2 map photo sindh gov info fb pge.

Route No.4

The fourth number route from North Karachi to Dockyard will be New Karachi, Motorway 

M9, Al Asif Square’

Federal B Area 

Liaquatabad, Gurmandir” Society Chowrangi, Sindh High Court” II Chandrigar Road & Tower.

Route No.5

The fifth route will-be from Sarjani Town to Base Masroor which will be direct to Shafiq Mor, KMDC” 

Ziauddin Chowrangi, KDA Chowrangi ‘ Musa Colony, Mangho Peer’ Site Area, Gulbai.

 Route No.6

The sixth route from Orangi to Singar Chowrangi will be direct from Orangi Town, Benares “

Paposh Nagar

Site Area, Golimar, Garden” PIB Colony, DHA Phase One to Shan Chowrangi.

Route No.7

The seventh bus service route will be from Baldia Town directly to Gulzar Hijri

Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Federal B Areas

North Nazimabad” Orangi Town to Gaddafi Town.

Route No.8

The 8th route from Gulshan Hadid to Malir Halt will-be direct from Allahwali Chowrangi”

Steel Town, Manzil Petrol Pump” Quaidabad, Malir Halt to Check Post No. 5. More

This Bus route starts from Allahwali Chowrangi in Gulshan Hadid & ends at Steel Town

Port Qasim Chowrangi”

Manzil Petrol Pump, Quaidabad, Malir Halt, Colony Gate’ Natha Khan Bridge, Drug Road Station, PAF Base Faisal”

Lal Kothi. , passing through Karsaz, Nursery, FTC, Metropole’

Karachi Press Club, Arts Council Karachi, Pakistan, II Chandrigar Road & City Station ending at Tower.

People bus There will-be a direct sea view from the Navan Route Exhibition from Capri Cinema, Bohri Bazar, Zainab Market, Metropole, and 3 Talwar, 2Talwar, South City, Bilawal Chowrangi & Dolman Mall.

Route No.9

Seaview from Navan Route Exhibition will be direct from Capri Cinema’

Bohri Bazar

Zainab Market ‘Metropole, Tin Talwar’ Du Talwar, South City “Bilawal Chowrangi & Dolman Mall.

Route No.9 people bus karachi
Route No.9 people bus karachi photo by govet info page fb.

People bus route nine More part 2 photo :

Route No.9 people bus karachi map
Rote 9 part 2 photo

More image people bus route 9 image part 3:

Karachi people bus route 9 map photo

Route No.10

Numaish to Seaview  Direct
Taj Complex ” Capri Cinema ‘Abdullah Haroon,”
Bohri Bazar, Tower
 I.I. Chandigar Roads ” Shahin Complex, Arts Council ‘ 
Fwara Chowk, Metropole, Frere Hall, PSO Head Office, Tin 3Talwar, Ocean Mall, 2 Talwar”
 Abdullah Shah Ghazi, Bagh Ibn E Qasim, Dolmen Mall Cilfton & Seaview Clock Tower
People red line bus route 10 map
People bus service 10 route photo by sindh Govmt fb page

The notification states: that the People Bus Service is being run by Sindh Mass Transit Authority” Sindh Transport Department & National Radio Transmission Company under the Federal Ministry of Defence.
People bus route 10 part 2 map image:
People Bus route 10 part2 image

Route No.11

 Boat Basin” American Consulate ‘Maripur

 Kemari & Lyari.

People Bus Service karachi Wednesday 27th July this route will run from 

5 Star Chowrangi North, Nazimabad via Barkat Hydari” KDA Chowrangi, 

Board Office, Nazimabad. End at Eidgah Maidan, Liaquatabad No. 10″ Isa Nagri Civic Centre, National Stadium”

 Karsaz Shara Faisal Nursery” FTC Building, Goraqbaristan Korangi Road KPT Interchange” Qayyumabad Shan Chowrangi, Korangi Industrial Area Will-be accepted.

People Bus karachi route 11 map

The route of People Service has also been started from the ancient areas of Karachi. The new route will be Shireen Jinnah’ Boat Basin to Lyari Meranaka via Maripur Road.

Member Sindh Assembly MPA Karim Singhar says that Bilawal Bhutto has fulfilled his promise to the people of Lyari & Kemari. The people of Lyari and Kemari appreciate the initiative of Sindh government.

In conclusion, the People Bus Service Karachi Route is a significant addition to the city’s public transportation system. It provides a convenient & affordable way for people to travel around the city and covers many landmarks of Karachi. Although it has some drawbacks. The benefits of using this service outweigh the disadvantages. The People Bus Service Karachi Route is a step towards a more sustainable & efficient public transportation system.

Peoples Bus Service Karachi Ticket Price

The Provincial Government has set a minimum fare at Rs 25, while the highest fare will-be rupees 55 depending on the different routes of the Government Bus Service. However” the tikets price for Route 9 was recently doubled & now costs Rs 100 in order to compensate for the 58km extension in the route.

Bus Timings :

People Karachi Bus Service starts from 7:00 am in the morning & operates till 10:00pm night. Buses have a headway time-gap of around 15-¹⁰ minutes in peak hours (i.e. 8:00am to 10:00am & 5:00pm to 8:00pm) & time-gap of around 30minutes in rest off peak hours. 

Certified: Information By Sindh Government information Social Media Page Fb,Ministry of Transport and sindh Minister Murtaza Wahab. Update Info 05-03-2023.

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