Red Line Bus Routes in Karachi Timings and Ticket

 Red Line Bus Service Karachi Route and Schedule with ticket prices Details

The Government of Sindh has launched more needed public mass transit service in Karachi city. These New Buses in Karachi have a name as Peoples Bus Service . These Red Line Buses, White Line Buses (Electric Vehicles) Yellow, Brown, Blue and Pink Buses are (Dedicated for Ladies passengers) in Karachi will move on to 8 different routes, connecting major historical residentials hubs with Business and Industrial .

Centralized Air Conditioned Buses Red Line have the seating capacity of around 40 Peoples, with dedicated spaces for Ladies and Disable Persons, along with standing capacity of around 40 seats more persons. This Bus Service have fixed ticket prices structure of Rs 50 per person per ride except for Route 9 which has ticket of Rs 100 after Malir Halt District Malir.


The Construction of Red Line has-been started and will connect central District Karachi to its eastern Karachi suburbs. It will extend from Numaish Chowrangi near the  Mazar-e-Quaid in central Karachi, to Malir Halt in eastern Karachi via Mosamiyat University Road.The system will-be a 3rd generation BRT Service system in which local buses can enter, /exit the system at designated the points. To travel between city streets, the dedicated bus corridor.  It will have at a total length of 27 kilometers (17 mil). Construction was to start in August 2020.  But was delayed to March 2021 due to the global  Covid 19 pandemic.  and was originally planned to be completed in 2022 at a cost of 503.2 $ million.The projected ridership of the system is 300,000 peoples  per day.

In the 1st phase, 213 Red line buses are running on 8 routes i.e. Route no. 1 Malir From Model Colony to Dockyard: 28 km, Route no. 2 Nagan Chowrangi to industrial Area Indus Hospital; 30 km),  Route: 3 from UP Morr to Shan Chowrangi Korangi industrial Areas its  31 km, Route no. 9 Gulshan e Hadeed to Tower: 42 km, Route 10 Numaish Chowrangi to Ibrahim Hyderi :28 km and Route  11  Kaimari Shireen Jinnah Colony to Miran Nakka Lyari Shehrshah 19 kms. This Bus Service starts Timings from 07:00am in the morning and operates till 10:00pm night. Red Buses have a headway (time-gap) of around 15 NMTs in peak hours (i.e. 8:00am to 1000am & 5:00pm to 8:00pm) and time gap of around 20 minutes in rest off peak hours.

It is the 1st transportation project in the world to receive funding from the United Nations “UN Green Climate Fund ” for its use of biomethane  from cow dung to power buses. A facility will-be established at Cattle Colony  Areas to produce 11 tonnes of biogas per a day for the Red line 200 plus buses. A system of drains will also-be built along the lines to harvest rain-water for horticultural use. while the drains will also-be perforated to allow rain-water to recharge water tables.

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The red line Service routes:

Saddar Regal Chowk Terminal (to Blue Line/Yellow Lines)

Regal Chowk Station Terminal Saddar (to KCR Karachi cerculer Railway).

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Route No. 1  

Model Colony to Dockyard


 Via Model Morr, Malir Halt, “Colony Gate” Nata Khan Pull, Drig Road Railway Station,

 PAF Base Shah Faisal, “Lal Kothi” Karsaz, Nursery, FTC Regent Plaza, “Metropole”Regal Chowk. I.I.Chundrigar, Tower “Fisheries” and Dockyard.

Route No. 2


North Karachi to Indus Hospital

Via Nagan Chowrangi” Shafiq Morr Sohrab Goth, ‘Gulshan Chowranei’ NIPA Chowrangi , 

Johar Morr “COD” Drig Road Train Station, Colony Gate, Shah Faisal Colony” Singer Chowrangi Industrial Area and Landhi Road.

Route No. 3


UP More to Shan Chowrangi

UP Morr, Nagan Chowrangi’ Sakhi-ul-Hasan, five Star Chowrangi’ KDA Chowrangi’ Nazimabad Eid Gah Ground’

 Liaquatabad 10 Number “Essa Nagri, Civic Centre,  Karachi National stadium, Karsaz, Nursery, FTC, Korangi Road’ KPT Interchange upto Shaan Chowrangi

Route No. 9


Gulshan e Hadeed to Tower

Salah Uddin-Ayubi Road,  “Allah Wali Chowrangi, National Highway 5, Steel Mill More, Port M Bin Qasim Morr, Razzakabad, Abdullah Goth, 

Chowkundi Morr, Fast University, Bhains Colony More, Manzil Pump, Quaidabad, Prince Aly Boys School, Nadra Center Malir, Malir Session Court, Malir 15,

 Kalaboard, Malir Halt, Colony Gate, Nata Khan Bridge, Drig Road Station, PAF Base Faisal, Lal Kothi, Karsaz, Nursery, FTC, Regent Plaza, Metropole, Saddar Regal Chowk and I.I.Chundrigar.

Route No. 10


Numaish Chowrangi to Ibrahim Hyderi

Numaish Chowrangi’  Taj Complex, Capri Cinema, Mobile Market, Regal, Abdullah Haroon Road , Zainab Market, 

Fawara Chowk, Metropole ‘Freal Hall, PSO Head Office, 3 Talwar, Ocean Shopping Mall’  2 Talwar, Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mazar,

Bagh Ibn-E-Qasim, Dolmen Mall Cilfton, Seaview Clock Tower, Khayaban e Ittehad, DHA Phase 7, DHA Phase 6,

DHA Phase 2, KPT Interchange, Korangi Crossing, Indus Hospital, CBM University, PARCO Ibrahim Hyderi

New update route no.10  date 14-12-2023



Numaish Chowrangi to Ibrahim Hyderi

Numaish, Taj Complex’ Capri Cinema Mobile Market” Regal ‘ Abdullah Haroon” Zainab Market,  Fawara Chowk, Metropole, Frere Hall, PSO Head Office” 3 teen Talwar Ocean Mall, 2 Talwar, Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mazar, Bagh Ibn E Qasim, Dolmen Mall Cilfton”  Seaview Clock Tower, Khayaban e Ittehad, DHA Phase 7 seven” DHA Phase 6″ DHA Phase 2, KPT Interchange, Korangi Crossing, Indus Hospital, CBM University” PARCO” Ibrahim Hyder.

Route No.11


Kaimari Shireen Jinnah Colony to Miran Nakka Lyari

Bilawal Chowrangi ’26th Street, Khadda Market, Gizri Road, Submarine Chowk, Eidgah Clifton, PIDC, 

Haji Camp, US United States Consulate Gene­ral, M.T. Khan Road, Mauripur, Kea­mari and Lyari town.

Red Line Bus Project cut down trees transplanted in Ilha Deen Park, Manager Trans Karachi

A largest number of trees were cut down in front of NED University for the Red Line bus project in Karachi, the project management has claimed to plant the trees elsewhere.

In front of NED University, a large number of trees are being felled for the Red Line project.

Manager Trans Karachi Mahwish Zahra has given his stand on this matter and also said that 26 trees of local species have-been transplanted in the Ilha Deen Park out of the trees cut for the Red Line project.

He said that 50 thousand native trees will be replanted in the project.

Mahwish Zahra more said that seven thousand 782 trees are coming from District Malir to the exhibition in the way of the project, 114 trees on the roadside will-be cut.

GM Planning Infrastructure Trans Karachi Mr Dr. Syed Murtaza Bukhari also said that the red line project is 27 km long.

Dr. Syed Murtaza Bukhari claimed that 80 percent of the more than 7000 trees are of conocarpus and for every tree, five trees will be planted.

He more said that under this project, 50 thousand trees will be planted, the trees will be planted along the corridor & no tree will be less than five feet.

Redline Bus Timings and Ticket Prices:

The bus Timings is from Morning 07am to 10pm Night,every bus arrives after 20 minutes gap buses Running weekly 7days.
Red line ticket price is normal per station travel 50 rupees to 100 rupees.
Information Sources: Sindh Government Information Department Social Fb Page 03/01/2023.
GOdear reports writer saleem khan Update info date: 14-12-2023.

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