Speedo bus new routes list Timings Lahore and Bhawalpur

 Speedo bus route has been widened with Timings and good Ticket price

Lahor, Multan, Bhawalpur and Lodhran. In view of the convenience of lawyers & citizens, the scope of the speedo bus route has-been widened. 
It will go up to Yeshal Complex New Courthouse. Earlier this routes used to go from Adda, Chowk Kachhari” 9 No. Chongi” Rashid Abad to Chowk Kumhar Anwala” now it will go to Judicial Complex after Sai. While Route No. 2 has been connected to Route No. 1. In this regard,
The Punjab Transit Authority was advised by Commissioner Office Multan to extend the routes up to the Delhi Complex. The purpose of extending the routes to the judicial complex is to provide modern travel facilities to the citizens, lawyers.

Speedo Bus Service also start in Bahawalpur, Lodhran

Punjab CM Mian Shahbaz Sharif says his government is spending billions of rupees for the provision of comfortable & low cost Ticket traveling facilities to the people.

He also said this while chairing a high level meeting via video link in Lahore on Sunday which reviewed progress on ‘Speedo Bus Service’ project.

CM Shahbaz Sharif more said after Lahore & Multan, Speedo Bus Service is being launched in Bahawalpur and Lodhran next week.

He said that modern system of Metro Bus Service has brought revolutionary changes in the transport sector.

Meanwhile: The Punjab CM is inaugurating 1.3 kilometer long Beijing underpass in Lahore on Sunday evening.

How to travel cheaply on Lahore Speedo Feeder Bus?

Complete route information Lahore, the provincial capital of Pakistan largest province “Punjab”, In Known world wide for its liveliness, lively atmosphere and exquisite cuisine. The ancient city is truly worth a visit with its historic buildings & monuments with magnificent architecture.

But now along with this, Lahore is also known for its modern infrastructure & new modern transport system. In addition to the Metro Bus Service & the Orange Line Train, the city also has an extensive network of feeder buses known as the Speedo Bus.

If you know the route of metro bus service, orange line train and speedo bus service while traveling in Lahore, then you can tour Lahore at a very low cost. Below we are sharing the route more details of Lahore speedo bus routes for Alf -Yar readers.

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Speedo Bus Routes in Lahore:

Route No.1

Complete Route: Railway Station Tabhati Chowk.

Via Ek Maurya, “Nawaz Sharif Hospital’ Kashmiri Gate, Larry Adda Azaadi Chowk, Taxeli Chowk.

Bus Type: Standard Bus

Route No.2

Complete Route: Sumannabad Mor to “Bhati Chowk.

Via Corporation Chowks, Tajj Company, Sanda’ Double Roads’ Moon Market ‘Gandda Nala.

Bus Type: The Standard Bus

Route  No.3

Complete Route : Pakistan Railway Station to Shahadara.

Via Ek Maurrya, PM Nawaz Sharif Hospital’ Kashmiree Gate, Larry Adda” Azaadi Chowk, Timber Market, Metro “Niazi Chowk, Shahadara Metro Station.

Bus Type: Standard Bus

Route No. 4

Complete Route : RA Bazaar to Chongi Aamar Sidhu.

Via Nadim Chowk, Defense Mor” Sharif Market “Walton” Keinchi Ghazzi Chowk

Bus Type: Standard Bus

Route No.5

Complete Route: Shadd-bagh Underpass to Bhati Chowk.

Via Madina Chowk,  “Lohe Wali Pali” Baddami Bagh, Lari Adda, Azaadi Chowk  Taxeli Chowk.

Bus Type: Mini bus speedo

Route No. 6

Complete Route: Babu Sabo to Rajj garh Chowk:

City Bus Stand “Chowk Orphanage” Bhalla Stop, Sumannabad Mor, Chaubarji, Rivaz Garden, MEO College, Firdous Cinema House.

Bus Type: Mini bus

Route No. 7

Complete Route: Bagriyyan to Chongi Amar Sidhu.

Via Depots Chowk, Minhaaj University, Humdard Chowk, Rehmat Eyes Hospital, Pindi Stop “Pico Mor” Kot Lakhpat Railway Station ‘Phatak Mandi’ Keinchi, Ghazi Chowk.

Bus Type: Speedo Standard Bus

Route No.8

Complete Route: Dr. Hospital to Canals

Via IBA Stop “Hailey College” Campus Bridge, Barkat Markets, “Kalma Chowk” Gaddafi Stadium.

Bus Type: Standard Bus

Route No.9

Railway Station to Sham-nagar.

Via Haji Camp, “Shimla Pahari” The Lahore Zoo, Charing Cross, “Ganga Ram Hospital” Cordoba Chowk, Chaubarji.

Bus Type: Minibus

Route No.10

Complete Routes: Multan Chongi to Cordoba Chowk

Via Mustafa Town, “Kareem Block Market” Punjab University Examination Center, Bhikewal Mor, “Wahdat Colony” Map Stop Nahar “Achhra” Shama.

Bus Type: Standard Bus

Route No.19

Complete Route: Main Market to Bhati Chowk.

Via Lytton Road, “Crest Road” Lower Mall Road.

Speedo Bus Type: Mini bus

Route No. 20

Complete Route: Jain Mandir to Chowk Orphanage

Via Poonch Road ” Lake Road”.

Bus Type: Mini bus

Route No.21

Complete Route: Depots Chowk to Thokar Niaz Baig.

Via Ali Road, Beg Road, Canal Bank Road.

Bus Type: Standard Bus

Route No.22

Complete Route: Depot Chowk to Thokar Niaz Baig.

Via Maddar-E-Millat Road, Sutlej Avenue, Shahara Idhoor Pakistan Avenue.

Bus Type: Standard Bus

Route No.23

Complete Route: Valencia to Thokar Niaz Baig.

Near Khayaban Jinnah” Raiwind Road.

Bus Type: Mini bus

Route No.24

Complete Route: The Multan Chongi to Ghazzi Road

Maulana Shaukat Ali Road “College Road” Wahdat Road.

Bus Type: Standard Bus.

Route No.25

Type of bus: Standard bus

R.A Bazar, Lahore Bedian Road, llama Iqbal Road, Railway Station.

Route No.26

Type of bus: Standard bus

R.A Bazar, G.T Road, Shalimar Link Road, Tufail Road, Sarfraz Rafique Road, Daroghawala.

Route No.27

Speedo Type of bus: Mini bus

Bata Pur, GT Road, Daroghawala

Route No.28

Type of bus: Mini bus

Quaid-e-Azam Interchange “Harbanspura Road” Zarar Shaheed Road, Airport.

Route No.29

Type of bus: Standard bus

Niazi Interchange, Lahore Ring Road, Band Road, Sue Wala Road, Salamat Pura.

Route No.30

Type of bus: Standard bus

Daroghawala, G.T. Road, Shalimar Link Road,


Route No.31

Type of bus: Mini bus

Daroghawala, Chamra Mandi, Cooper Store, UET, Shalimar Chowk, Lari Adda.

Route No.32

Type of bus: Mini bus

Shimla Pahari, Durand Road, Queen Mary Road, Garhi Shahu Bridge,Cooper Store, Chamra Mandi, Ek Moriya.

Route No.33

Type of bus: Mini bus

Cooper Store, Workshop Road, Mughalpura Road, Mughalpura.

Route No.34

Type of bus: Mini bus, Singhpura, Wheatman Road,Griffin Road, Mughalpura.

Speedo Bus Timings:

Lahore, The time of service 06:00am morning to 11:00pm night, Bhawalpur per bus drive after 1 hour.

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Ticket Price Fare

Cash fare will be charged instead of card for traveling in speedo bus.

Lahore: The speedo card requirement for traveling in the speedo service bus in Lahore has-been abolished. Passengers who do not have a card will now pay the fare in cash. According to the details, the speedo for traveling in the speedo bus running in Lahore Card condition was imposed.

Card system was introduced to make the bus service successful, but this card system became the reason for the loss of this bus system. On the other hand, the transport department has prepared suggestions for increasing the fares. The proposal to increase the metro speedo bus fare ticket price by Rs.10 is under consideration. The fare will be charged at Rs. 20 rupees for the first 10 km. The sources of the transport department said that the increase in the fare will reduce the amount of subsidy. Passengers can now travel in the speedo bus by paying the fare. It should be clear that in the past travel without a card was not allowed.

Info Sourece: Punjab Govmt Information Mass Transit Authority Social Media Page Fb/ website : https://pma.punjab.gov.pk/ GOdear Update Information Date: 06-03-2023.


Looking for the Speedo Bus Service Lahore contact numbers? 

Punjab Mass Transit Authority urges citizens to call: (042) 111-222-627 for any suggestions or complaints.

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