What is Danki (illegal immigration) tragic reality

 What is Danki who showed Pakistanis big dreams but tragic reality?

Mr Hasan Zaidi has made a documentary on illegal immigrants & their perilous journey.

He says:  That the process of transporting illegal immigrants to other countries is called danki in Punjabi language, and those who do this work are called dankers.

Small boats were used to travel from Turkey to Greece by water for Europe. From these boats, the Punjabi Speaker word danki was made.

There is a huge network of human traffickers. These people pay a huge amount to enter Europe.

Mr Hassan Zaidi says: that he has-been researching illegal immigrants and human trafficking for the past ten years. illegal immigrants dankies in europe He made a documentary about the hardships faced by migrants, for which he traveled by road through 8 countries through which they enter Europe.

He says they think that they will earn well in Europe. Difficulties will be removed. May their lifestyle be good. But I saw that most of the people who came to Europe with dreams did not come true, so their situation was very bad.

He also said that people used to enter Europe from the Hungarian Serbian border, but now there is a fence, so now the new route is through Libya’ where people try to go. If you pay more money, the agents will arrange visas up to Libya & arrange illegal travel beyond that.

Hasan Zaidi more says:  That those who deal with this illegal travel in Pakistan also went to Europe in the same way. That’s why they use these relationships to send more people.

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He more said that the topic of  Danki illegal immigrants dankies in europe is not discussed because it involves international borders. I wanted people to know the difficulties so that they do not take these paths.

The living conditions of migrants in these countries are very bad before entering Europe. NGOs give them food items. Since they are illegal in these countries, they have no rights. You will find it there in the forest. They are sitting in tents under bridges or in parking lots. They cannot go to cities because then the police catch them.

Hasan Zaidi says that the Police also know that 400 people have entered today. They have full prisons. But the police can-not take them anywhere. The places that are there are full, this is a crisis for Europe as well.

According to him, if you go to Europe, they work secretly for many years. It is not guaranteed that they will get wages. How much they will get. The employer will pay as much as he wants when he wants. Because they also know that these are illegal immigrants.

Many people work for 6, 7, months. They do not get paid. But they cannot take legal action against them. They carry big dreams from here, but the reality is very tragic.

According to him: These people risk their lives to enter Europe from Pakistan. They travel like sheep. Without food, they risk their lives while avoiding firing by the border police at the border.

90 percent of the people I spoke to said that if they had another chance, they would not come like this. They have come by taking loans or by selling their mothers’ jewellery. They want to go back but they can not.

Mr Hasan says that people who are caught by border forces are subjected to physical violence. I saw the forces on the Hungarian border release trained dogs on people. Many people get injured & run back.

Danki meaning in Urdu
Urdu meaning danki text photo

The body parts of the migrants who tried to cross the border in the cold were so damaged that they had to be amputated. Those who die are stung & thrown in the forest because they can-not take the risk of taking the body with them.

In this whole journey, the danger of life is very high, there is a fear of bad weather, severe cold & firing by the forces. Especially in the mountainous areas on the border of Iran & Turkey, it is very cold.

Apart from this, there is another dan-ger. Many Pakistanis were also kidnapped in Turkey where their videos were made & sent to their families to send money.

Migrants cross the sea border on small boats, but many accidents occur during this process.

International cooperation is needed to capture the network

Former Federal Investigation Agancy Pakistan (FIA)official Sajjad Mustafa Bajwa says: That human smugglers are very organized. Therefore, an organized crew is needed to catch them. Their network is spread across different countries. It requires resources & the cooperation of countries.

He also says’ that there is corruption in FIA too. There is the issue of transfer of investigating officers. Today when a person investigates, he changes & becomes a person, who does not know the initial issue.

Explaining the reasons for the increase in the trend of emigration, he more said that the people of Tarbela & Mangala went out.

Those who go out show their dreams to others. Those who go tell friends about the adventure. & the sm-ugglers also give them false hope.

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He also said:  That in some cases, children go on the advice of friends. They do not even know what is going to happen to them. In many cases, parents do not even know what happened to their children.

He also said that in Gujarat I was given the task of eradicating human trafficking. I called the families of the victims & prepared them to follow the cases. Survivors were called & their statements were taken. They found-out who the agents are. Some were tortured in Country of Libya. Those who boarded the boat in Libya were also more identified.

It becomes difficult due to lack of international cooperation in this matter.

He also said that currently more people from Gujrat Sialkot and Mandi Bahauddin are trying to go to Europe illegally. They also go to Libya by air. From there they are taken in a boat. In the same way, it is taken from Dubai to Libya.

He said more: that if they will investigate how they went to Libya from Dubai, how the visa was obtained. Until this network is caught’ it is difficult to stop it. The cooperation of Iran, Turkey, Libya and Dubai is essential.

Mr Sajjad Mustafa alleged that there are people in FIA who cooperate with these sm-ugglers. That is why smugglers are not caught.

Sajjad said that the sentence was 7 to 14 years of imprisonment under the Immigration Ordinance. But there were very few convictions on him. Courts are also more lenient & award lesser sentences.

He also said that in the way of arresting the smugglers, lack of staff in the FIA ​​as well as lack of cooperation from the local police is a major obstacle. In working with the local police, information gets leaked.

But what is the reason that some citizens of Pakistan dream of going to European Countries through illegal channels & changing their lives. Anthropologist Mr Nadeem Umar Tarar told the a reporter that these young people are influenced by life in Europe & are worried about their situation.

There are examples in front of them that some boys reached Europe, through these routes & they found new routes for their families & beautified the whole family.

He also says that such people are portrayed as heroes who risked their lives for the family. Such events are a part of people’s social memory. These characters are remembered as how these people risked their lives to raise flags for the sake of the family.

According to him: instead of working hard while living in the country, the youth take this risk in this frenzy.


If you are also collecting information to go to a country illegally, then hopefully after reading this article, you will abandon your thoughts and intentions.

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