Best Airport Award 2023 Changi Airport Singapore

 Best Airport Award 2023 Named to an Asian Changi Airport

Best view of Singapore Airport courtesy of Changi Airport. Millions of people travel by air every day. During which they also experience spending time at the airport.

Some airports do not appeal to them, some seem mediocre & some make a place in their hearts.

But the best Airport Changi in the world is 1 where even after spending several hours, people want to stay for some more time.

Airline consulting group Skytrax has released its annual list of the world best airports for 2023, in which an Asian country Singapore airport has-been ranked number one Best Airport Award 2023 Changi Airport Singapore.

The list has-been compiled by taking into consideration the public opinion regarding the facilities available in hundreds of airports around the world such as terminal layout, WiFi availability & restaurants etc.

According to the list. Singapore’s Changi Airport has been declared as the best airport in the world.

Changi Airport Singapore inside photo
Changi Airport Singapore inside photo by AFP

Earlier, Singapore Changi Airport was named the world best airport for 8 consecutive years until 2020. From which this honor was taken away by Hammad International Airport in 2021.

Equipped with a waterfall & a glass bridge, this airport has also taken great care of greenery.

For the last 2 years, Qatar’s Hamad International Airport was being declared the best in the world, which is at the 2nd place in 2023.

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Along with this it has also been declared as the best airport in the world for shopping.

Japanese Tokyo International Airport came 3rd in the category.

South Korea Incheon Airport was ranked 4th while Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport was ranked 5th.

Istanbul Airport was the 6th best airport in the world, followed by Germany Munich Airport, which was able to claim the 7th position.

Switzerland’s Zurich Airport was ranked 8th Japan Narita Airport was 9th & Spain Madrid Airport was 10th.

Yes: we welcome you to this airport. which has-been named the best airport in the world by Skytrax. An organization that ranks various airports in the world.

Skytrax claims to have evaluated more than 550 airports around the world for this ranking. Taking into account the amenities provided to passengers.

Changi Airport has topped the SkyTrax ranking 12 times and has-been ranked 1st eight times in the last 10 years.

In the 2years ranking, Qatar Doha International Airport and Tokyo Japan Haneda Airport were ranked 1st for one year each. With Changi second but in March this year Changi was once again ranked first. According to SkyTrax the facilities and enjoyment opportunities provided to customers at Changi Airport today are unparalleled in the world.

Before the corona epidemic. The total number of passenger flights that landed or took off at this airport in 2019 was about 382 thousand and the total number of passengers on board was more than 68 million.

After the epidemic now that travel restrictions have ended in most countries. the number of passengers at Changi Airport is also returning to its level but there is no doubt that this airport is not only a major airport in the region. It is also a place of entertainment that Singaporeans love.

Rachel Tan takes just 15 minutes to drive to Changi Airport in her car and she also visits the Jewel Shopping Mall every week to buy bargains. Shopping is different. But you can sit in front of the fountain in Jewel for a long time and enjoy it she says.

Underground Rail.

You can easily reach Changi by bus or underground rail from Singapore city. So people come to the airport to spend the whole day. Here you can watch a movie. Eat food buy bargains. even sit in a quiet corner of the airport and prepare for the exam. This airport is so beautiful that now people come here to take their wedding pictures & celebrate reunion with their old friends.

Apart from this there are several other tourist attractions including an air conditioned humid forest and a twelve meter high slide. Not to worry if you arrive at the departure lounge before your flight time, you can also visit the hot bath spa for a steam, bath and body massage watch a movie in the theater for free. jump into the swimming pool for a swim and, if nothing else,  if there still time left in the flight, enjoy the butterfly garden stretch out on the massage chairs in the lounge.

Even this airport has its own fragrance. The fragrance of this special perfume made from a blend of flowers and various spices can be felt everywhere in the vast airport building.

And as soon as you exit Terminal 4 you find yourself in a huge exhibition hall where you can see giant talking dinosaurs. The exhibition stretches for a mile.

Singapore is a country that is constantly competing to see where it ranks in the world whether it is schools or local actors. That is why Changi Airport is a matter of great pride for Singapore. An Indian journalist even tweeted that Singaporeans are so proud’ of Changi Airport. In response to this. He had to face a very strong and smoky reaction.

Civil aviation analyst & consultant, Shakoor Yusuf says that apart from the general public. Singapore government officials also keep track of the global ranking of their international airport with great religious fervour. According to Shakoor Yusuf the airport high position in the ranking not only gives the official ruler a chance to brag. But also seals the fact that flights of major airlines come to this airport.

Although the duty free shops of the airport remained completely deserted during the days of the Corona epidemic. But during this time the government continued to express its determination that Changi will once again become a major hub of international flights after the epidemic. That is why the government also invested another billion dollars in the civil aviation sector during this period.

At the time Singapore transport minister said the civil aviation industry played a vital role in ensuring the city remained a major hub for global trade and business.

Changi is one of the best airports in the world, if not the best. says Alex Chen a Zurich businessman.

Alex Chen has to pass through Singapore at least four times a year for his work.

According to him even though Changi Airport is huge. it is much better managed and you get things done faster than at airports like Frankfurt and Amsterdam. I usually travel with a large group of about 60 people. But I have yet to see any of us lose our luggage when changing flights. At other major airports in the world. Missing your next flight is common but it never seems to happen at Changi Airport.

Shakur Yusuf says that despite the recent technical glitch that delayed immigration clearance for several hours at land and air checkpoints. Many international travelers choose Changi for transit because There are less chances of disruption in their journey.

If you look at the time energy and investment costs of a particular airport Singapore has by far done the most. he says.

In the 1990s when people only got to watch one drama series on Singapore state run TV, what was often shown at the beginning of each episode was the iconic Changi Airport control tower.

The series often featured a character who lands at Changi Airport after spending a long time outside the country. Gets home in a beautiful taxi and takes in beautiful scenery, and then tells his relatives. How much Singapore has changed. The real showpiece of the series was Changi Airport which had only 1 terminal and one runway when it opened in 1981.

The attachment of the people here to Changi Airport is really old. When his shopping mall Jewel opened in 2019. 50 million people visited it in the first six months. Its fifth terminal is now under construction and is expected to open to passenger traffic in the mid 2030s.

I think no other airport in the world can claim to have such a large number of local people visiting it. said Adrian Tan. A local lawyer and social commentator.

It has now become a national ritual also says Mr Tan that every time you land at Changi Airport after a long trip. You must say. How much better is this airport than all the other airports in the world? is better.

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