Double Decker Bus in Hyderabad Route Ticket Price

 Ev Double-decker buses will once again grace the streets of Hyderabad india

Double decker Electric buses have historical significance in Hyderabad Deccan. In 1946 the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad. Mir Usman Ali Khan introduced, double-decker buses through Nizam Transport Services.

After a long time ev double decker buses will run on the  Route the roads in the southern city of Hyderabad India.

The state government has introduced double-decker buses powered by electric technology to the public.

Telangana Minister for IT and Municipal Administration Tarak Rama Rao inaugurated these buses in Hyderabad city.

HMDA: Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority official Devendra Reddy told “GOdear” that double-decker buses have-been inaugurated in the city but the routes have not yet been provided by the administration all routes and timings with ticket prices rate share soon.

Buses are completely electric with a range of 150km in a single charge & can be charged fully in 2-2.5Hr. The total length of these Double decker buses is 9.8 metres & height is 4.7 metres.

According to him: these buses will soon be seen on the streets of hyderabad dhakkan  and every citizen will-be able to see the city by buying a ticket and riding on a double decker.

Devendra Reddy also said that the purpose of introducing electric double-decker buses is to promote tourism in Routes Hyderabad city as well as reduce pollution. Double decker buses are environment friendly and energy efficient.

He more said that the cost of each bus is 2 crore Indian rupees. With the double decker bus service, citizens will be able to visit tourist routes places like..

  • Golconda Qila
  • Charminar
  • Hussain Sagar
  • Qutub Shahi Tombs

electric double decker bus has a capacity of 65 passengers.

Ev Double-decker buses have historical significance in Hyderabad Deccan. In 1946, the 7th Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Usman Ali Khan, introduced double decker buses through Nizam Transport Services & remained popular as a preferred mode of transport until the late 90s.

Double Decker Buses Have Historical Significance in Hyderabad Deccan (Rizwan Wani)

A local person named Mr Abdul Qados told “GOdear Web” We see on TV that double decker buses are plying in many cities of the world. Including America and UK London but now these buses will run on the streets of Hyderabad india. Which is a welcome thing. For some days there was a trend on social media that double-decker buses are being introduced in Hyderabad. Since then we have-been eagerly waiting.

He more said that these buses used to be the glory of the Route of Hyderabad. The system here introduced these buses. During the United Kingdom British period. Asif  was quite famous for his expensive cars. Seventh Nizam Mir Usman Ali Khan, had a royal passion for automobiles. During his time double decker buses were brought from Britain by sea.

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According to him: There used to be 56 seats per bus & local people and tourists used to sit in these buses and enjoy the view of the city. In the 90s these buses disappeared from the roads  and routes but now these buses are back on the roads of Hyderabad. So people are quite excited to sit in the bus. We also came here to see the bus it was very nice. Tourists will also like to sit in this bus and they will-be able to have a good view of the city.

Electric Buses and vehicles are considered environment friendly. The buses introduced in the city will also depend on electric energy. These buses are being introduced in place of regular buses, with the aim of reducing the level of pollution.

electric double decker bus has a capacity of 65 passengers.

Another citizen named Mumtaz Bhat said that on the one hand the price of petrol and diesel is increasing drastically and on the other hand air pollution is also increasing. In such a case, introducing an electric vehicle is a great step. The popularity of these electric vehicles is increasing rapidly. Electric buses are much quieter than other buses at any speed and are the best to travel in.

People Reacts and interest

According to Mr Mumtaz Bhatt People here are showing interest in traveling in these buses & they wish that double decker buses are introduced once again in the city of Hyderabad.

Hyderabad is known for many things including the double decker bus now these buses have-been restored.

Nizam fans are present all over Hyderabad india  it was started by Nizam so his memory is also fresh.

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