Pakistan Afghanistan New Luxury Bus Service

Decision Pakistan to start new luxury bus service for Afghanistan

The buses will be operated soon from Peshawar KPK to Jalalabad Afghanistan, due to air difficulties. Two countries decided to start the land travel bus service.

According to Pakistani Information Minister: Pakistan has now decided to start a Modern luxury bus service for land travel with Afghan. Under which an international bus terminal will-be established at the (Toorkham border) for customs & immigration clearance of passengers & other goods.

Sources info more say: that matters have-been settled between ‘Pakistan Ministry of Communication Mosul and Afghanistan Mosul Ministry.  There has-been an agreement in principle to start the bus services regularly. For which Pakistan Afghanistan will soon finalize the arrangements within their respective both borders.

Sources also said:  That the decision to start a service for land Dosti Bus Service travel between Afghanistan and Pakistan has-been made due to the difficulties in air travel between the both countries as there were problems in air flights since the establishment of the Tali-ban Government. Keeping this in mind this decision, was taken in the meeting of the Afghanistan International Coordination Cell-established to resolve issues & problems between the both countries.

New luxury bus service will-be started from Pakistan KPK Peshawar to Afghanistan Jalalabad for land road travel. Between two Countries, for which matters have-been settled between Afghan Ministry of Communications and Pakistani Ministry of Infrastructure.


According to a documention available to Reports, the Pakistan Federal Board of Revenue FBR issued Notification No. 346(I)/2023 for the establishment of International Buses Service Terminal at Pak Afghan Border Toorkham for service on the Pakistan side. Through which on 12 February 1983. Important amendments have-been made in the issued SRO No. 102(I)/1983.

According to the copy of notification issued by (FBR), a Basic Health Unit BHU will-be set up opposite Toorkham at International Bus Service Terminal Toorkham border for which space has-been allocated.


According to the notification: Immigration and Custom elearance of passengers & their luggage traveling by luxury bus starting route from Peshawar to Jalalabad will-be done at this international bus service terminal to be established at the said allotted place.
Pak Afgshan torkham border map
Peshawar to Jalalabad google map photo

Officials of the Pakistan Ministry of Communication more say that initially a New Luxury Dosti bus service consisting of 15 to 20 seats will-be started from Peshawar to Jalalabad City. for which the Afghanistan authorities are completing the arrangements for this luxury bus service on their side. under which Jalalabad. An international bus service terminal is being established in Afghanistan & the Afghanistan authorities will-be responsible for the security of the Dosti bus service & passenger luggage in Afghanistan.

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Officials Said:  that according to the decision made in the Afghan International Coordination Cell meeting. Pakistan is going to make arrangements for this bus service on its side & according to this, an international bus service terminal is being established at the Toorkham border.

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In this international dosti bus service terminal. A special checking area with modern luxury facilities & equipment will-be constructed for the checking of passengers and their luggage coming and going between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Initially, 1 bus will-be operated with 15 to 20 seats, after which it will-be increased.

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