Prime Minister Sasta Petrol Scheme 2023 motorcycles rickshaws

 Prime Minister Sasta Petrol Scheme 2023 subsidize price Rs 50 liter

A scheme to subsidize the price of petrol up to Rs 50 per liter for rickshaws, motorcycles and 800 cc vehicles.

The PM of Pakistan Mian Shehbaz Sharif has decided to give relief in the price of petrol up to 50 rupees per one liter for the low income section of the country.

According to the official news agency APP: The Prime Minister  Shehbaz has directed that the users who use small vehicles, up to 800 cc apart from rickshaws, motorcycles should be included in the petroleum subsidy.

According to the APP:  He directed that the practical program of petroleum subsidy should-be completed as soon as possible and all relevant institutions should formulate a comprehensive strategy with mutual cooperation for effective implementation of petroleum subsidy.

It should be noted that in few days ago, an increase in the price of petrol in Pakistan was announced by  rupees per liter, after which the price of petrol per liter in the country is rupees 272.

Pm Shahbaz Sharif said that rickshaws, motorcycles and small car are the rides of poor people with low income & such petroleum subsidy will directly lead to the relief of poor people, PM sasta petrol scheme.

Addressing the meeting he more said that the government is trying to help the poor people in every possible way despite the severe economic difficulties.

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During the meeting Minister of State for Petroleum Mossadeq Malik briefed the meeting on the strategy of providing petroleum subsidy to low income peoples.

Federal Minister for Finance Muhammad Ishaq Dar: Advisor to the PM Ahmed Cheema, Minister of State for Petroleum Mossadeq Malik. Secretary Finance, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Tariq Bajwa, Secretary Petroleum & other senior officials participated in the meeting.

Earlier, on 28 February Finance Minister Ishaq Dar announced a reduction in the price of petrol by 5 rupees per liter, but before that, on 16 February  the prices of petroleum products were increases.

Report Source: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif official tweet 19-03-2023

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