Srinagar Express: Muzaffarabad AJK To Lahore And Karachi Daily Service

 Srinagar Express Transport Company

Srinagar Express Bus Service is a unique luxury bus service, of AJK Azadi Kashmir Muzaffarabad which has been providing the best travel facilities to passengers in the field of transport since 1992.
Srinagar Private Bus Service from Muzaffarabad across Pakistan delivers passengers comfortably and safely to their destination with responsibility. This Business Chief Executive MR. Safeer Khan Mughal.

These include business class and executive class

Including latest luxury buses from Muzaffarabad to Lahore and Karachi
And for Daily Lahore and Karachi different timings are released for GT Road and Motorway..


Srinagar Express is currently the largest, best and most cooperative passenger company in Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir.
It also has many facilities available to the public,
One time meal
Creative staff
And prayer Times is completely Stay.

Srinagar Express Terminals and Timings

Muzaffarabad AJK To Lahore And Karachi Daily Service,

From Muzaffarabad To Lahore,

First Time: 8:30 pm Garhi Habibullah, Mansehra, RWp, GT Road Lahore

2nd Time: 11:00 pm

Kohala, Murree, Rawalpindi GT Road Lahore

3rd Time: 11:15 pm

Kohala, Murree, RWP Motorway Lahore (Non-Stop)

Second Timings

2nd Time: 10:15 pm Motorway Non Stop Murree Kohala Muzaffarabad

3rd Time: 11:00 PM GT Road Murree Kohala Muzaffarabad

Muzaffarabad To Karachi:

First Time: 10:00 am Executive Class 

2Nd Time: 1:00 pm Business Class

Ticket Prices

Fare Price: GT Road 2200/


Contact number:

Muzaffarabad Office: 0345 8500989

Lahore Office: 0349 8014115

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Karachi To Muzaffarabad Srinagar Express Service

First Time: 5:00Am Executive Class

2nd Time: 8:00 AM Business Class

Ticket Price: Executive Class 5500 PKR/

Business Class: Rs 6500/

Services Provided

One Time Meal


Mineral Water

Cooperative Staff

More Contact :

Karachi office: 0345 2104606

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More Bus Services in Pakistan 

There are several Intra Country bus services in Pakistan that offer transportation services to passengers. Some of the most well known bus services in Pakistan include Daewoo Express, Faisal Movers, Niazi Express, Bilal Travels, and Skyways.

These bus services operate in different parts of the country. Connecting major cities & towns. They offer a range of travel classes, from economy to luxury & have different types of buses including  minibuses, Coaches and double decker buses.

If you have a specific question or inquiry about bus services in Pakistan. please let me know &  I’ll do my best to assist you.

information on bus schedules or availability. However: I can suggest that you try searching online for bus services that operate from Muzaffarabad to Lahore. You can also check with local travel agencies or bus stations in Muzaffarabad for more information on bus routes & schedules. It’s always a good idea to book your bus tickets in advance to avoid any last minute hassles.

Information Sources: Srinagar Express Social media Platform officer Mr. Farhan Khan Mughal Muzaffarabad AJK Pakistan. GOdear website Info Update date :31-03-2023.

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