Yellow Line Bus Route in Karachi Ticket Prices and Timings

 Yellow Line Bus Service Karachi Routes Timings and Ticket Prices Details

Yellow Line BRT Bus Service Karachi is a part of Karachi Breeze which is ready to run on different routes in the city.

The 22Km long route Yellow Line project will connect routes Numaish Chowrangi near the Mazar-e-Quaid in central  District Karachi, to its eastern suburbs of  Landhi Korangi, terminating at Landhi Dawood Chowrangi.  It has an estimated cost of 428$  million of which 382$  million will-be financed by the Global  World Bank.  It will-be serviced operational by 268 buses and 28 bus stations.  including 22 at grade and 6 underground.  Construction of the line was delayed due to the Construction issues and is expected to start in 2023 with completion in 2025.

The yellow line routes:

Nomaish Chowrangi Terminal  to Blue Line Bus/Green Line

Landhi Station Terminal  to Landhi KCR Railway Station.

Route No.1

Dawood Chowrangi

ManSehra Colony,

Murataza Chowrangi’

Singer Chowrangi

Bilal Chowrangi’

Vita Chowrangi’

Chamra Chowrangi

Brookes Chowrangi’

Jam Sadiq Bridge

KPT Interchange,


Sunsets Boulevard

DHA Mor,

Kala Pull



Allah Wali Chowrangi,

Khalid Bin Waleed Road

Khudadad Colony’

Peoples Roundabout


Shah Ahmed Norani

CDGK Parking plaza’

Empress Marcket

Regal Chow Saddar.

Yellow Line bas service Karachi Route map
Yellow Line bas service Karachi Route map by karachi Breeze Official

Yellow Line Bus Service and Facilities

On the occasion of the inauguration, the provincial transport Minister Sharjeel Inam had claimed that the bus has four seats and has WiFi facility. But contrary to their claim, there is a Wi-Fi device in the bus but it does not work, however, the facility to charge the phone was seen during the journey.  Fully Air-conditioning, There are total 29 seats in the bus, out of which there are 10 seats for women and 2 seats for special persons. The bus has-been made a local transport, it is stopped at places and overloaded with passengers.

Sindh Minister for Information, Transport & Mass Transit Mr Sharjeel Inam Memon has directed to start the process of purchasing buses of BRT Bus Yellow Line Project.

The provincial Sindh minister presided over the important meeting related to the BRT Yellow Line Bus Service. And also said that the comprehensive working on the different options of the Yellow Line should be completed. So that it can be presented in the next meeting of the Global World Bank.

He more said that the scope of the BRT Yellow project should be expanded & more buses should-be added, feeder service of Yellow Line route from FTC  Area to Baloch Colony and also FTC to Metropole should also be included in the proposal.

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The Minister of Sindh said: That all the processes & formalities of the “BRT Yellow Line Service” should be completed as soon as possible so that the work on the project can be started.
Mr Sharjeel Memon more said that after the formation of Pakistan, the 1st major public transport Services project in the form of KTC was launched in 1977 during the tenure of former Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in Karachi. The current Sindh Government of Pakistan People Party is going to start the People Bus Service, BRT Orange Line, Red Line, BRT Yellow Line project in the public transport sector in Karachi for the 2nd time, which will provide the citizens with the best transport Services. Facilities will be available.

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He also said that on the special instructions of Chairman Mr Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, efforts are underway to develop the public transport Service sector on modern lines in major cities of Sindh. At the end of this month, the 1st route of the People Bus Service will-be launched in Hyderabad ‘ buses will-be run on the route from Hyder Chowk to Hattri Police Station.

Yellow Line Bus photo

Yellow Line Service will be a modern public transport, the meeting was informed that the route of BRT Yellow Line will-be from Dawood Chowrangi Landhi via Korangi Road, Kala Pul’ Shahra-e-Qaidin to Exhibition for which a 21 km corridor will-be constructed. There will be 17.6 km of road and 34 km of underpasses.

Timings and Ticket Price

Yellow line bus timings will be 07am to 10pm and Ticket Price is Rs 50 per station to Rs 100.(change subject) update Date 15-03-2023

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