Bazarcha Terminal on Pakistan Iran Border Opened With Facilities

Bazarcha terminal on Pakistan Iran border opened after two years of closure.

Bazarcha Bazar a business hub located on the Taftan border was closed by the federal government of Pakistan in July 2021.

The Pakistan federal government has decided to open the Bazarcha border terminal in Taftan. Pakistan Iran border area in Balochistan province after being closed for two years.

Quetta Chamber of Commerce President Mr Haji Abdullah told Urdu Read that the federal government has established a new terminal in Bazarcha where more facilities will be available to traders.

He also said that in the past Bazarcha Bazar was not a regular border terminal but now it has been made an international border terminal from where only cross border trade will-be done.

He more said that the movement of goods  Transport vehicles from Bazarcha Gate has started from Saturday but it will-be formally inaugurated after Eid-ul-Fitr.

Bazarcha Terminal on Pakistan Iran Border Opened With Facilities
Pakistan Iran Taftan border photo AFP

He said also that after two years of struggle. The opening of the new business gate in Bazarcha will benefit the people and traders here.

There are two border points on the Taftan border between Iran and Pakistan through which trade between the two neighboring countries takes place and one of them is the Bazarcha Gate while the other is known as the NLC National Logistics Cell Gate.

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Mr Haji Abdullah said: For this purpose the federal government contacted the Iranian authorities. And after several meetings and discussions it was agreed to open the center.

Bazarcha Bazar a trading center located on the Taftan border. Was closed by the federal government in July 2021. due to which business activities were suspended and nearly 4000 workers became unemployed.

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After the protests of the traders and residents of Taftan and the efforts of various political figures. The government established a new Bazarcha terminal Bazar which is located at a short distance from the old Bazar.

Iran-Pakistan Taftan Border Map photo
Pakistan and Iran border google map image

The new center is spread over 25 acres of land and has all the facilities including a border gate.

Haji said: The new Bazarcha terminal will facilitate the shipment and clearance of goods from Iran. As at the time a tranport took 5 to 6 days due to the rush at the Taftan border.

According to Mr Haji Abdullah: around 100 food items and other goods can be brought from Iran through, this border center while rice and sesame will also be delivered.

30% to 35% of the goods coming from Taftan will be transferred here through the market center which will reduce the burden on it.

On the other hand Taftan resident and clearing agent and businessman Shaukat Isazai. Who attended the inauguration of the bazaar, told Azad Urdu that after clearance from the customs.  FIA and NLC all types of goods from this border business hub. Goods are transported. will.

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Chairman Senate

Federal Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani during his visit to Iran also discussed opening of new trade corridor with Government of  Iranian authorities.

People in the border areas of Balochistan province are heavily dependent on imports from Iran. Including Iranian petrol and diesel,as well as smuggled goods.

The federal government Pakistan has fenced the international border to stop smuggling through the Pakistan Iran border.

Quetta Chamber of Commerce Vice President Mr Agha Gul said in a conversation with Azad Urdu that instead of 80 to 90 vehicles in the past. 400 Transport Vehicles will reach the market every day.

Local businessman Mr Shaukat said that the quick clearance of goods in the market center reduces the expenses of the traders.

25 acres of land has-been allotted in the center of Bazarcha. It has all the facilities including gate.

The Pakistan government had earlier last year established the Bazarcha Border Terminal in the border area of ​​Taftan to allow cargo transport to carry goods between the both countries.

In March 2022: The Federal Board of Revenue FBR declared Bazarcha Border Terminal as a new customs port to allow import and export of goods through cargo transport between Pakistan and Iran.

Report Source: Geo Tv Pakistan reported by Hamid Bloch Taftan Blochistan.

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