Increase Prices Suzuki and Alsvin Car special Eid offer

 Schengen Company announcement of Alsvin car vehicle special Eid offer and Suzuki Increase Prices 2023.

Lahore: Master Schengen Motors Limited has announced a special Eid offer for its customers regarding its car Alsvin. Suzuki Motor Company in Pakistan has once again also increased the prices of car 2023.

 According to the news website Pro Pakistani: The company has announced that those who will buy the Alsvin sedan before April 15 will get the car vehicle delivered before Eid-ul-Fitr.

In this offer the company will keep the vehicle under a price lock policy. Which means that even if the price of Alsvin is increased by the company until Eid-ul-Fitr. The increase will not be applicable on the car and other vehicles included in this offer and these The vehicle will-be given to the customer at the same old price.

This offer is available for limited stock and can be availed till 15 April. It should be noted that Master Schengen Motors has sold 40,000 vehicles in the two year period till the beginning of this year and in terms of vehicle car sales. Toyota has become the largest company in Pakistan after Honda and Suzuki.

Big increase in Suzuki car vehicles in Pakistan what are the new prices 2023?

The new price of Cults VXR has also reached Rs 37 lakh 18 thousand after an increase of PKR 1 lakh 78 thousand.

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Pak Suzuki Company in Pakistan has once also again increased the prices of vehicles.

According to the vehicle information website Pak Wells: The price of Alto VX has been increased by 1 lakh seven thousand rupees after which its new price has become 22 lakh 51 thousand.

Thus the new price of Alto VXR has become 26 lakh 12 thousand after an increase of 1 lakh 25 thousand rupees.

If we look at the price of Alto VXRAGS. its price has increased by 1 Rs. lakh 34 thousand, after which the price of this car has increased from 26 lakh 65 thousand to 27 lakh 99 thousand PKR.

The new price of Suzuki brand wagon RVXR has reached Rs 32 lakh 14 thousand after an increase of Rs 1 lakh 52 thousand.

Thus the new price of Wagon RVXL is Rs 34 lakh 12 thousand after an increase of Rs 1 lakh 64 thousand.

The old price of Wagon RAGS was PKR 35 lakh 63 thousand, which will now be PKR 37 lakh 41 thousand after an increase of Rs 1 lakh 78 thousand.

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The new price of Suzuki famous.

 Brand Cults VXR has also reached Rs 37 lakh 18 thousand after an increase of Rs 178 thousand, while Cults V The new price of the XL has-been increased by Rs 195,000 to Rs 4,084,000.

Similarly, the new prices of Swift GLMT will be 42 lakh 56 thousand after an increase of Rs. 100,000 has reached 74,000.

Pak Suzuki car prices list April 2023
2023 car Price list Suzuki by Pak wells.

Along with Suzuki cars, the prices of pickup vehicles have also increased. After which the new price of Suzuki pickup Ravi has increased by Rs. 88 thousand to Rs. Later it has become 17 lakh 81 thousand.

According to Pak Wells: The new prices of Pak Suzuki Motor vehicles will-be applicable from 6 April.

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