Khunjerab Pass Main Trade Route Between Pakistan and China

The Khunjerab Pak-China Pass between Pakistan and China reopened after three years.

Chinese authorities have sent a letter to the Pakistani authorities. Regarding the reopening of the Khunjerab border Pass for trade And Goods transport services.

Khunjerab Pass: The main Cargo trade route between China and Pakistan, was reopened on Sunday after a gap of 3 years. The border crossing was closed for almost three years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Geo News Tv pvt Pakistan and The APP official news agency of Pakistan. The Chinese authorities have sent a letter to the Pakistani authorities regarding the reopening of the Khunjerab Pass for trade.

The Chinese authorities have-been instructed to take all necessary measures regarding Covid-19 before starting the arrival of goods from Pakistan.

Similarly, the Pakistani border authorities have also been asked to take all measures regarding Corona.

Khunjerab Pass Open

It should be noted that due to the cold weather and lack of oxygen at high altitude, the Khunjerab Pass is usually closed from 1st December to 31 March every year.

However: The port was temporarily opened twice earlier this year to ensure smooth customs clearance of goods urgently needed by Pakistan & other goods service.

The last time this year the passage was temporarily opened for 12 days between 30 January and February 10 while the port was open between 19 January and 20.

Authorities of Kashgar

According to the authorities of Kashgar, these temporary measures facilitated the passage of 328 cargo vehicles & the export of more than 6 thousand tons of goods.

Pakistani Prime Minister  Mian Shahbaz Sharif welcomed this development and said that the re opening of the border crossing will help promote economic activities between the both countries.

Khunjerab Pass between Pakistan and China reopened after three years.

The Chinese authorities have sent a letter to the Pakistani authorities regarding the reopening of the Border of Khunjerab Pass for goods trade.

Khunjrab Pass the main trade, route between Pakistan and China. was reopened on Sunday after a gap of 03 years. The border crossing was closed for almost three years due to the Corona pandemic.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the Prime Minister said that the opening of the Khunjerab Pass has removed another obstacle in the way of increasing the pace of CPEC.

He further said that the restoration of trade corridor between Pakistan and China after three years is a moment of great joy.

The prime minister said that the restoration of trade with the great iron brother China is welcome. It is hoped that the opening of the trade corridor will increase the trade between the two countries.

The Prime Minister said that the trip which was stopped in November 2019 has-been resumed in 2023.

According to him: In 2018 I want to increase the speed at which CPEC was left at more than double the speed.

Pakistan China start issuing border passes for trade.
Goods transport stay in Pakistan and Chinese border photo AFP

Pakistan China start issuing border passes for trade.

The Interior Secretary of Gilgit Baltistan has confirmed.

With the decision to resume trade and travel activities between China and Pakistan the Gilgit Baltistan government has started receiving applications for border passes from traders.
Trade between the two neighboring countries through the Khunjerab Border Pass has been suspended for few years.
Gilgit Baltistan Interior Secretary Mr Rana Muhammad Saleem Afzal while talking to GOdear Web” confirmed that official trade Service between the two countries is starting from 3 April .

Applying for border passes:

He also said that with the decision to restore, trade traders have started applying for border passes khunjerab.
Our home department has started receiving applications from traders.
Senior journalist Mr Khalid Hussain told News Agancy that the business chambers of all districts have asked the businessmen to submit important documents related to trade.
According to him, local businessmen were going bankrupt after a gap of four years because three lakh families from the border pass take part in trade from Gilgit Baltistan to China.
Mr. Ali Ahmed another journalist from Hunza a city, near the border between Pakistan and China. More said that official trade service is being allowed from Monday. But this process will start only after Eid.
In a conversation with GOdear he also said that the businessmen who want to trade between the 2 countries during Ramadan will have to do so through passports.
The interior secretary also said that if the border is opened. The movement of delegations from two sides will start.

Trader activities:

Trade activities between Pakistan and China through the Khunjerab Pass were suspended in 19 November due to the Covid-19 epidemic.
Mr Rana Muhammad Salim Afzal said that despite the closure. There was traffic from both sides through trawlers during this period.
After 04 years, the Chinese authorities have said that trade service can now be resumed under normal conditions as it was before Covid.
He more said that the event to restore trade was to be held in China, but it has-been canceled due to unknown reasons.
Now trade will officially start from 3 April  which will benefit not only Pakistan but also the people of Gilgit Baltistan. This will boost bilateral trade between China and Pakistan.
According to Pakistani media Geo news tv reports, under an agreement, trade activities between the two countries through the Khunjrab Border Pass will continue from April to November.
The first trade activity between China and Pakistan under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC began in 2016 November  through the Karakoram Highway. also known as the Silk Road, which passes through the Khunjerab Pass.
Interior Secretary Rana Muhammad Saleem Afzal said that the process of issuing border pass permit to cross the border will-be started soon.
The most important aspect is that this is the CPEC route and under the same Belt, and Road Initiative commercial consignments will enter Pakistan from China through Khunjerab Pass he added.

China can keep 2 billion dollars for another year Finance Minister.

CPEC is the flagship project of China Belt and Road Initiative. Under which Beijing is building a $65 billion network of roads, pipelines, railways and sea ports in Pakistan.
The initiative aims to connect China with Pakistan Sea ports and enable Islamabad to expand and modernize its economy and meet its critical energy needs. As well as a short haul for Chinese goods to the Middle East other Africa and Central Asia. The best way is to provide.
Pakistani  electronic media quoted Pakistan Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar as saying that the federal government is working to revive CPEC activities and all obstacles to bilateral trade will-be removed.
Due to the prolonged closure of the border Khunjerab Pass the local business, community faced a lot of financial difficulties which also rendered thousands of workers jobless.
According to Urdu Read web, this important border crossing was opened for the transport of emergency cargo from China to Pakistan. Sometimes only for a few days during the last 3 years.
All arrangements have-been finalized by two sides to reopen this border crossing for bilateral trade and other activities under CPEC.
Report Source: Geo tv Pakistan reports by Saleem khan Hunza Gilgit Baltistan.

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