Pilgrims and Residents: Eco-friendly Electric Bus Service in Madinah

 Inauguration of eco-friendly electric bus service in Madinah

Saudi Arabia: A new electric bus service was launched in Madinah today that will serve Umrah pilgrims and residents of Masjid Nabawi in a public transport friendly manner.

According to the Saudi Press Agency Prince Faisal bin Salman. Governor of Madinah Region & Chairman of the Development Authority inaugurated the electric bus services which are one of the latest environmental models.

The electric bus includes modern luxury, full air conditioning systems “Display screens” showing trip details and special seats to serve people with special needs.

Electric Bus Routes:

The new electric service added to the Madinah bus service, is planned to provide public transport on 4 main routes for the convenience of Madinah city residents and visitors.

  • This service network will connect the north of the city to the south. As well as the east & west of the city passing by the Prophet Mosque.

  • The electric bus stands out due to its high operational efficiency. It can cover a distance of 250 kilometers through its dedicated track after a single charge.

  • This bus service will connect Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz International Airport to Masjid Nabawi (PBUH) in the shortest possible time with a total length of 38 kilometers.

The service will operate more than 16 rounds during 18 hours daily.

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This electric bus includes luxury modern fully air conditioning systems. And Display screens showing trip all details & special seats to serve people with more special needs.

Pilgrims and Residents: Eco-friendly Electric Bus Service in Madinah
Photo by Saudi Press Agency Prince Faisal bin Salman inside bus. 

More Services:

Jeddah:  Acting Chairman of the Public Transport Authority in Saudi Arabia Dr. Al-Rumih bin Muhammad Al-Rumih.
 Inaugurated the new electric bus service in Jeddah. According to the Saudi Press Agency. The acting chairman of the Saudi Public Transport Authority Chairman Dr. Al-Rumih bin Muhammad Al-Rumih while addressing the ceremony.
He said that the Saudi government is trying to reduce carbon emissions by 25% by 2030. He said that the electric bus can cover a distance of 300 kilometers after being charged once. It consumes less than 10% electricity compared to other electric buses. The route of the bus will be from Balad to Al-Khaldiyya.
Which will pass through Shahzara Saud-ul-Faisal highway through Madinah Road while on the way. the citizens of
Roza Andalus 
Al-Baghdadiyya  areas will benefit.
Umrah pilgrims Bus Service Madinah Saudi Arabia
Electric Bus photo Madina Service Saudi Arabia photo AFP.


Mr Al-Rumeeh also said that public transport arrangements have-been started in medium sized cities. The authority & the municipality are working together. Public transport will also be provided in Jazan ‘Sabia ‘ Abu Arish “Taif and Al Qasim. 

This project will be implemented this year. Apart from this, in other cities including Tabuk & Al-Ahsa, local citizens and resident foreigners will be provided with the facility of bringing home to office. Chairman of Saudi Public Transport Company SAPTC Khalid Al-Haqeel was also present at the opening ceremony.

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