Tech Valley Balochistan: Google Digital Education scholarships

 Tech Valley Balochistan: Project to provide digital education in collaboration with Google.

Under this agreement: Tech Valley in collaboration with Google will provide scholarships, worth $500,000  to the youth of the Blochistan province.

Secretary Colleges Mr Hafiz Abdul Majeed and Tech Valley Pakistan representative Mr Umar Farooq signing a memorandum of understanding with the Govmt of Balochistan.

An agreement has-been reached between the Balochistan Government and Tech Valley. To provide scholarships to 1000 youth students for training with the support of Google.

The agreement between the Provincial Government of Balochistan and IT (Information Technology) firm Tech Valley aims to provide education to the youth as per the requirements of the modern era and help them find new employment opportunities.

An agreement was signed between the government of Balochistan and Tech Valley on 5 April 2023. Under which the youth of the province will be provided scholarships worth five hundred thousand dollars in collaboration with Tech Valley Google.

Candidates who complete the training under this program will-be given Google Career Certificates.

The Chief Secretary of Balochistan Mr Abdulaziz Aqeeli told: The media Agancy after the agreement that it is very important to expose, the youth to modern technology so that their focus is in the right direction.

He further also said that this is the digital era and we have also asked Tech Valley to set up an office in Balochistan. which will also provide employment opportunities to the youth sitting at home.

Mr Abdul Aziz Aqeeli more said that with the cooperation, of the federal government Google and Tech Valley. The School on Wheels project is also being started. Under which the Balochistan Govmt will provide 10 buses from which technology based schools will-be established.

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These buses will go to different areas of the province and educate the children.

He further  also said that education. IT labours and industries can benefit from the projects of Tech Valley Pakistan.

Tech Valley Balochistan read in Urdu

According to Tech Valley Pakistan this is the 1st agreement between Tech Valley and the Government of Balochistan. With the Department of Colleges Department of Higher Technical Education. Department of Education,  Information and Technology, Department of Science, Department of Labour and Manpower, Department of Industries  and Commerce and Department of Health. A partnership is involved.

According to a statement released by Tech Valley Pakistan. The Google Career Certificates program is taught and developed by Google employees with decades of experience.

Information Secretary Balochistan Mr Hamza Shafqat said that Our aim is to develop the youth of Balochistan by providing’ access to the latest digital tools and certification.

Tech Valley Pakistan is proud to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with five different departments of the Government of Balochistan to distribute Google Career Certificates Scholarships in the region. (1/2)#GrowWithGoogle

— Tech Valley Pakistan (@TechValleyPak) April 5, 2023

The scheme will provide scholarships for certifications in jobs ready skills like project management. UI/UX design, digital marketing and e-commerce, support and automation’ cyber security  and data analytics.

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