what’s reason UK Mobile Phone Alert on 23 April

 All mobile phones in the UK will have a alert going off on 23 April 2023 what’s the reason?

The United Kingdom Government has announced that on Sunday April 23, almost every Smart-phone in the UK (British) will have a siren going off.

At 03:00pm British Standard Time a new emergency alert system, will-be practiced by sounding and vibrating on every mobile phones for 10 seconds simultaneously.

The practice was initially scheduled for the evening’ but the FA Cup semi final started at 04:30pm so the practice time was changed.

The government of United Kingdom was also keen to avoid a clash with the British London UK Marathon which starts at 09:30am this Sunday.

The alert system will-be used to warn of severe weather events such as flash floods or forest fires. It can also be used during terrorist incidents or civil defense emergencies if the British is attacked.

Mr Oliver Dowden: the minister in charge of the system, also said it would only be used in situations where there was an immediate threat to life. In most cases the siren will-be sounded only in the areas where it is needed. Rather than the entire country, and officials say it may not be used for months or years at a time.

Minister the government will not bombard people with messages.

He stressed that it is very important that the system is practiced at the national level. but while choosing the timing of the test care, has been taken not to disrupt people lives.

He more said the afternoon was chosen because people are not as busy as in the morning when people shop or attend church.

The UK government has chosen the timing of the test so that it doesn’t clash with the British London Marathon.

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The test message and alarm is expected to reach 90% of UK mobile phones. All Phone users can swipe away the “alert message” or click OKay on their Cell home screen to continue using their Mobile phone as normal.

Wembley Stadium

Peoples whose cell phones are turned off will not receive the alert message, but if your phone is on silent the sound will-be heard.

According to the British News Agancy after discussions with the Football Association. It was decided not to disturb the thousands of football fans watching the FA Cup semi final between Manchester UK United and Brighton at Wembley Stadium.

The government has also tried to ignore concerns that the alerts would distract drivers. Potentially leading to accidents. According to the government. Evidence from local level exercises of the alert suggests that people may wait to stop somewhere to check their Smart phone.

All 4G and 5G Android mobiles and Apple phones are already equipped with emergency alert capability. As similar systems are used in the United States, Japan,  Canada and other countries around the world.

But it is possible to turn off these Messages alerts and domestic violence charity Refugee is telling people what to do during the exercise.

Secret Device

Emma Pickering senior manager at Refuge says: Our concern is that victims of domestic violence may be secretly keeping phones in their homes for self defence. And it must be ensured that domestic violence perpetrators are protected. These mobile phones should not fall into the hands of criminals.

These Mobile devices can-be a lifeline for women (female) who need to access help or escape abusers.

These alerts will come with a loud siren even if the devices are silent. And the exploiter will know about the hidden device he added.

Dowden also said the government had spoken to domestic violence charities and taken their concerns into account when planning the publicity campaign ahead of 23 April.

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