A Plan To Make Mass Transit System Profitable

 A plan to make the mass transit system profitable remains on paper.

The mass transit service (MTA)  increased during ten years but the revenue of the authority could not increase. The plan to make Metro Buses and Orange Line Train profitable remained limited to the limits of papers.

It has been 10 years since the introduction of mass transit in the Punjab capital. During ten years the mass transit transport service has increased but the income of the authority could not increase. The outsourcing income of the mass transit system from 2013 to 2023 could not be decided.

The Orange Line train Even after two and a half years of implementation. The outsourcing policy is still waiting for implementation. the plan to make Metro Buses and Orange Trains profitable remains confined to paper limits.

The Mass Transit Authority (MTA) decision to outsource the Orange line train assets for revenue is awaiting implementation. Apart from the Orange train fares the assets’ to be outsourced are yet to be finalized by the governing body of the Mass Transit Authority The format could-not be given. the authority closed the file after advertising the outsourcer.


Recall that the mass transit authority had identified the outsourced property. 770 pillars under the elevated track’ of the Orange train to be leased for advertising campaigns. Allowing advertising campaigns in metro train stations and inside the train as well. Jani Thi banks at Orange train stations were also to be outsourced to install ATM machines.

Mass Transit Authority has called for tenders from firms to outsource the Orange line train assets. After receiving the tenders the authority has not yet come up with any progress. Due to the continuous increase in electricity prices also in the subsidy of Orange train. has increased.

On the other hand:  the Mass Transit Authority administration says that the model for outsourcing the assets of Orange Train is ready. The final approval of the financial model will-be taken from the Punjab Province Cabinet.

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