Air Hostesses Aware of Non Declaration Law

 Which passenger has the most right to the armrest in an airplane? 

Air hostesses aware of the non declaration law.

LONDON (Monitoring Desk) When you board a plane. There are many unannounced rules you have to follow. Including wearing shoes. Not ordering Diet Coke and not touching the seat pockets. There is also a law regarding armrests which passenger will use which armrest. An air hostess has finally made people aware of this unheralded law.

According to the Daily Star: an air hostess named Christy Koerbel has said that the passenger sitting in the middle seat will use the armrests on both sides. While the passengers sitting in the middle aisle and window seats should use each of the remaining armrests. will

Christy Koerble said: That the person in the middle doesn’t have room to lean on either side, so it’s their right to use both side armrests.

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