Due to weather Indian airline entered Pakistani territory

 Due to the weather the plane of the Indian airline entered the Pakistani territory.

Due to bad weather: An IndiGo Airlines flight from Amritsar to Ahmedabad diverted to Pakistan near Lahore.

According to a report by (Dawn newspaper) the flight returned to Indian airspace at around 8 pm. After entering Pakistan Gujranwala area on Saturday night.

According to the flight radar the Indian plane entered the north of Lahore at 7:30 pm with a ground speed of 454 knots and returned to India at 8:10 pm.

A senior Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) official said this was not unusual as it was internationally permitted in bad weather conditions.

Meanwhile: Several flights were diverted and delayed due to poor visibility at the airports in light of the CAA alert.

A CAA spokesperson said it had extended the weather warning for Lahore till 11:30 pm on Saturday as the visibility at Allama Iqbal International Airport was 5000 meters.

Several flights bound for Lahore were diverted to Islamabad due to poor visibility.

Etihad Airways flight 233 from Dubai to Islamabad was diverted to Multan.

PIA flight PK 798 coming from Toronto to Lahore was sent to Islamabad. While flight PK 728 coming from Riyadh to Peshawar was also diverted to Islamabad but it landed back in Peshawar.

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Fly Jinnah flight 846 from Karachi to Lahore was diverted to Islamabad. Flight PK 262 from Abu Dhabi to Islamabad was diverted to Multan and Etihad Airways flight 324 from Abu Dhabi to Islamabad was also diverted to Multan.

PIA Flight PK760 from Jeddah to Lahore was diverted to Karkh Multan. Flight PK747 from Lahore to Medina was delayed by three hours and 20 minutes and Etihad Airways Flight 243 from Dubai to Lahore was diverted to Multan. given.

Apart from this Etihad Airways flight 244 from Lahore to Abu Dhabi was delayed for three hours and 5 minutes. PIA 406 from Karachi to Lahore was delayed for thirty five minutes, while Sirene Air 821 from Lahore to Jeddah was delayed due to operational reasons. Canceled.

Similarly: flight PK 186 from Sharjah to Lahore was diverted to Faisalabad, Flight Jinnah 9P846 from Karachi to Lahore was diverted to Islamabad. While Flight Jinnah 9P847 from Lahore to Karachi was diverted for 2 hours and 25 minutes. There was a delay.

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