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Online air taxi service introduced in Karachi and All Pakistan.

Online air taxi service has-been introduced for the first time in Pakistan. After which citizens will now be able to choose their desired time and destination for air travel.
According to media reports: Now in Pakistan you will be able to book an aerial taxi through a mobile app just like a regular taxi at home  for which the first air taxi service has been introduced in Karachi.
The signing ceremony of the DA 40 Diamond series aircraft lease agreement was held at the Civil Aviation Hangar adjacent to Karachi Airport. On this occasion, Imran Aslam Khan, COO of Sky Wings Aviation, said that the aircraft used for aerial torus service has reached Pakistan and the test flight of the said aircraft has also taken place.

Route and Passengers capacity:

The single engine aircraft has the capacity to seat 4 passengers at a time. Emergency service from Karachi to remote areas Routes of rural Sindh and Balochistan will be available through aerial route tour. The plane flying at a speed of 160km per hour is made in Germany.

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Mobile app

A regular app will be introduced to avail the aircraft service. It was announced on this occasion that this service will be made available to citizens in the next 2 weeks, through which citizens will be able to choose their desired time and destination through the mobile app.

Ticket Prices:

Charter service from Karachi to various cities of Sindh and Balochistan starts ticket prices from Rs 25 lakh whereas the fare of aerial taxi will be many times less than that. Air taxi service is being started initially with 8 aircrafts of different capacity and more aircrafts may be added later.


Apart from political:  Religious and business personalities. people belonging to different walks of life will be able to benefit from aerial taxi. Imran Aslam Khan further said that through the service. The journey to Gwadar will take only 3 hours timings while Nawab Shah will be able to reach 01:15Hour. Sky wings Ambulance Service is already training One Day Pilots and Airmen. Through this unique service one can avail these services in a very short time. The aircraft has a continuous flight of 11 hours with one barre fueling by Jet Fuel One.

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