Pak-Afghan Torkham Border closure Of 10 hours

 They will not be able to reach Eid: cargo Drivers stuck at Torkham are worried

According to customs sources: currently around 2500 goods vehicles are parked on the Pak-Afghan highway from Torkham border to Jamrud Tehsil and it may take up to a week for most of the goods transport to reach Torkham.

From Peshawar the cargo vehicle is loaded for Jalalabad Afghanistan a day journey. It has been 04 days now but we have not arrived. There is a car standing in a row in Khyber. It is fasting but we do not get food on time neither bread nor water. we are in a lot of pain.

Driver Said:

These words belong to a driver named Mr Akbar Jan who has-been stuck at the Torkham border for the past several days.

In September 2019 former PM Imran Khan formally inaugurated the project to keep the Torkham border. Open 24 hours between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The initiative was aimed at improving the traditionally strained relations between the 2 South Asian countries and promoting bilateral trade services.

However: with the construction of the terminal at the Pak-Afghan Torkham border and the closure of 10 hours. Out of 24 hours on the Afghanistan side. thousands of goods trailers goods services have become a routine on the highway connecting Afghanistan and Pakistan.

According to sources, earlier in manual system more than 1200 cargo vehicles crossed the border, but now barely 400 to 500 vehicles cross the border.

goods transport to reach Torkham
goods transport to reach Torkham Pakistan Afghanistan border (AFP).

Custom And Checking Point

At Torkham border the (NLC) National Logistics Cell scanner clearance of each vehicle. Followed by customs examination and then checking by security forces at zero point. Takes at least three hours per vehicle which not only adds to the rush. but also to the national economy. The treasury is also losing crores of money on a daily basis.

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Mr Akbar John who is at the Pak Afghan Torkham border. is worried because of the absence of a conductor or any helper. Who said that conductors are not allowed to be transported across the border. nor do they get food and water” due to which they are suffering. are If a house is near bread, is available what will a man do drive, a car or go to Landi Kotal to get bread.

Trailer Drivers stuck at Torkham read in urdu
Urdu report

He more said that the border is open for 24 hours. But trailers vehicles are not allowed on either side even for an hour. According to Akbar J: We used to make four trips in the first month. but now we don’t even have one. It is hot and Ramadan too we sleep under cars.

Akbar Jan spent the last Eid in Charuzgai and this year also he does not know whether this Eid-ul-fitr will come near his Charuzgai or Ayub Fort.

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He requested: Our home is in Afghanistan” we cannot reach for Eid please open the gate.

After loading a container from Karachi and reaching Peshawar in 3 days. Mr Nawab reached Landi Kotal from Peshawar. now it has been 5 days. He requested the staff at Torkham border Pak-Afghan that Eid is near please speed, up the clearance of vehicles.

Nawab said: It is the month of Ramadan it is very difficult, to get water for ablution along with Suhoor and Iftar on the way. Let us show some mercy to the transporters and be lenient with the cargo vehicles at the border so that we all can spend Eid-ul-Fitr in our homes with our children.

On the other hand: the customs officials said that it is their responsibility to clear the vehicles in a timely manner with less resources but with the utmost skill. In which there are no obstacles so far however. Due to iftar and suhoor in the month of Ramadan Afghanistan, runs against the schedule. which has created this problem of rush.

Mr Gulab Shenwari, Customs Clearance Agent more said that as long as there is export and import on the same track. there will-be a problem of rush. The four attitude track is indispensable.

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Gulab also claimed that no merchant was willing to trade on the Torkham border pak afghan anymore. If the trailer vehicles reach their destination in 2 or 3 days from other borders. It takes more than ten days at the Torkham border due, to which the goods do not reach the market on time. But most of the time they are lying in the cargo vehicles and are damaged. goes.

Pakistan Afghanistan border Torkham report urdu
Report urdu

He also alleged that problems are arising, day by day due to lack of coordination between institutions.

In this regard NLC  National Logistics Cell spokesperson Mr Mushaq Khan told Press that for the last 3 years. the work on the Torkham terminal has-been going on very fast and since it is a huge project. The work has-been delayed a little. But our entire Efforts are being made to complete the terminal as soon as possible.

He further said that the work on the terminal is also going, on and along with it the trade service has not stopped. There was no rush due to the terminal. In sha Allah we are trying our best to complete the Pak-Afghan terminal by the end of next year 2024.

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