Pakistan China Bus Service Ticket Price Timings Stops

 Pakistan China bus service Islamabad to Tashkurgan tickets rate routes stops Details.

In the first phase: A mini yutong bus with a capacity of 28 seats will-be operated.

According to the representative this trip will be about 38hours including the immigration process. Passengers will also stay for one night at Sost border. Pakistan China friendship Islamabad to China bus service launched.

Ticket Prices:

the ticket price of which has been fixed at Rs.60,000in which the return ticket will be Rs 60,000.

Timing’s and Stops:

The first bus service will run from Islamabad Private Transport Terminal on May 13 at 01:00 pm. The bus will depart from the private transport terminal on May 13 at one o’clock in the night . This bus will depart from Islamabad on May 13 at seven thirty in the morning. 

First stop is Naran Terminal.

Second stop is Gilgit at 03:00 pm.

Third stop is Hunza at 06:00 pm.

Fourth stop is at the Sost border at 09:00 pm. 

Fifth stop will be Khunjerab Pass at 12:30 PM and the last stop will be Tashkurgan China.

Immigration procedure:

If you go to China..! Until recently: Air travel was the only option for those wishing to make the journey from Pakistan. But now land has become an option as the 1st passenger bus under the China and Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC has been launched.

According to the representative. The essential requirements for travel include original passport/copy original visa/copy. valid visa and invitation to China (visa category). Wanted to go to China.

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Lahore to Kashgar in China.

The bus service operated by North South Transport Network will connect the city of Lahore in Pakistan with city of Kashgar in China.

The initial buses of this series have completed their trial journeys. Passing through the charming areas of Pakistan Lahore Islamabad and Gilgit Baltistan this bus crosses the border at Sost and enters China.

This one way journey takes around 41 hours while the total round-trip journey takes around 82 hours with immigration procedure. Before boarding the bus one must have the necessary travel documents i.e. visa etc.

Although this bus plying on the CPEC route is a modern model. Will it be easy to travel on the seat of the bus for such a long time? The journey from Lahore to China capital Beijing by plane can be done in about 8hours.

The journey may not be long and difficult for tourists. But according to the bus company, this service has-been run with business people in mind.

How much time would an entrepreneur have? Why would he take such a long journey when he can spend a few bucks more to fly?

Who is traveling on the bus?

NSTN Chief Executive Officer Muhammad Anwar told the reporters. The passenger bus service was in great demand among the business community of Pakistan.

He claims that most of the people going to China in the first 2 buses belonged to the business class. Mr Muhammad Anwar said that there are a large number of Pakistani students in China who would like to take advantage of this bus.

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Tourists are also coming to us a lot. But the 1st number are business people who want to travel between Pakistan and China.

Mr Kazim Sawani:  A local businessman, was making the first journey in the 2nd bus that had recently departed from Lahore. Talking to the Reporter he more said that the bus will be very cheap.

Passing through the charming areas of Lahore Islamabad and Gilgit Baltistan. This bus crosses the border at Sost and enters China.

Lahore Islamabad to Kashgar map
Lahore Islamabad to Kashgar google map photo

Does the bus outrun the plane?

Kazim Sawani is engaged in the business of importing dyes and chemicals used in the textile industry. They keep coming and going to China. By bus they hope to reduce their travel expenses.

They were making the first trip on a trial basis. If the bus is standard and the journey is comfortable. I can save a lot of money he said.

NSTN Chief Executive Officer Muhammad Anwar told news that the one way fare of CPEC bus is 60,000 thousand and the return ticket is 60,000 thousand.

Mr Kazim Sawani said that in this way he can save 50 to 60 thousand rupees on each trip. By the way the plane ticket to China costs you 80 thousand to 1 lakh rupees.

But for that they have to spend 38 hours in the bus?

The bus will connect the city of Lahore in Pakistan with the historic city of Kashgar in China.

Would this bus service be commercially viable if businesses did-not use it? Will it be possible to run this bus for a long time? All such concerns or their negations revolve around the answer to a few basic questions and the results of the preliminary stages?

How comfortable is it?

This bus operated on this route of CPEC is manufactured by a Chinese company. It can carry 36 passengers at a time. There are two seats on two sides of the bus which are not very spacious.

However: The seat can be lengthened by opening a few centimeters outwards and tilting it back. Both beds are also installed in the rear of the bus which can accommodate two people at the same time. But the question is how many of the 36 passengers will get a chance to straighten their backs during the 38hour journey?

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What not in the bus service?

Among the necessities for a long land bus journey the most basic facility that is not available on a bus is a toilet or bath. However according to Mr Muhammad Anwar, during the journey, the bus will stop at certain places during which the passengers can eat, pray, drink And there will-be an opportunity to defecate etc.

There was no adequate arrangement for the entertainment of the passengers inside the bus. Modern style buses have screens installed behind the seats for passengers to use for entertainment.

However according to the operations Pakistan China bus service manager of the company. Mr Qamar Ejaz there is a facility to charge mobile phones in addition to Wi-Fi on every bus. Cameras are installed in the bus for security & an armed guard is also posted

Is the bus service safe?

Four security cameras are installed inside each bus. Mr Qamar told also that with the help of these cameras, the control room of the company can be monitored at all times inside and outside the bus.

With the help of satellite the movement of the bus is also seen from the beginning to the end of the journey.

Apart from these facilities. An armed security guard has also been posted on the bus. According to the information received by the Reporter due to the CPEC. The bus will also be provided with special security by the police in different areas. An additional driver will also be present in the bus.

According to NSTN Chief Executive Officer Mohammad Mr Anwar.  No person will be allowed to board or leave the bus while traveling on the bus. Only that person will be able to travel on it who has a China visa and other necessary travel documents.

He said that both the governments of Pakistan and China have assured him of providing complete security.

Why Kashgar?

Passengers from Rawalpindi will also be able to board the bus running from Lahore. After that she stops at Kashgar. The scenic views en route can be enjoyed from inside the bus or at short stopovers.

Mohammad Anwar more said that Kashgar was chosen in China because it is a business center. Kashgar has a communication system including rail and air travel. From a commercial point of view. It is important where a large number of Pakistani businessmen go.

According to him, no ship goes to Kashgar from Pakistan. However access to other Chinese cities is very easy & cheap from there. We have fully calculated its commercial viability which is profitable.

He said that the initial reaction from people has-been positive and encouraging.

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