PIA plane was stopped in Malaysia has returned home

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane. which was grounded at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport due to a legal dispute has finally returned home.

According to the report of Dawn newspaper, earlier this week. A Malaysian court ordered the authorities to seize PIA Boeing 777 plane after the aircraft leasing company filed a claim for over $45 million dues. go.

According to PIA: The plane was allowed to take off on Friday night after the court annulled the orders.

However since the plane did not have transit clearance. permission to use the airspace of a neighboring country, it could not take off.

Airline spokesperson Abdullah Hafeez Khan said that after receiving the permission, the plane departed from Kuala Lumpur as a ferry flight with no passengers on board.

The court order issued on June 2 states that the ex parte injunction dated May 26, 2023 is set aside and the preliminary summons as to costs is stayed without order dated May 24, 2023.

According to the spokesperson of PIA, the court suspended the orders after hearing the case for three days on behalf of PIA’s legal team.

The airline had earlier rejected the leasing company’s claim that it owned the aircraft and that the leasing company only owned one of the engines installed in the aircraft.

Abdullah Hafeez Khan had said that the court had issued the order without summoning or hearing the PIA.

Airline and airport authorities received orders to ground the plane minutes before the flight was scheduled to take off on Monday.

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