Six Million Kilometers Long Transport Network China

Worlds Largest Six million kilometers long transport Chinese network.

Yes: it is a fact that in China amazingly, by the end of 2022. The total length of the country’s comprehensive transport network will exceed six million kilometers. 

There is no doubt that historically the improvement of transportation has It has played an important role in people’s life and livelihood. Economic and social development and international exchange for a long time. This is the reason why every country is trying to move forward by ensuring sustainability in transportation. 

It is also necessary to realize the fact that the problem of poor infrastructure is still being faced in the less developed world. Where transportation Due to poor transport infrastructure, people face obstacles in service delivery and mobility. This has led to other social problems including poverty and inequality in various countries. Therefore, sustainable and resilient transport infrastructure is urgently needed in the world. has been felt throughout.

Strong Transportation:

In fact, strong transportation is the means that integrates development factors and also represents the country’s development and prosperity. With every passing moment, the travel facilities for the people are getting tremendous expansion and development.  And the continuous improvement of the means of transportation has gained key importance in the overall development planning of the country.

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China is continuously expanding its transportation network to promote growth, and the country has made remarkable achievements in improving its transportation infrastructure network and transportation services over the past five years, and Looking forward to building a comprehensive transportation system in the future.

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Period From 2018 to 2022

  • It is noteworthy that during the Largest period from 2018 to 2022.
  • China has built the world Globally largest high speed railway and expressway network. 
  • As well as a world class port cluster.
  •  The investment in fixed assets has exceeded approximately US$ 2.46 trillion. 


The operating mileage of the railway network has reached one lakh 55 thousand km, of which the length of the high speed railway network has-been 42 thousand km. By the end of 2022, the network of highways in the country has become more than five million kilometers. Of which the length of expressways is 01 lakh 77 thousand kilometers.


Similarly, the number of airports in the country has also increased to 254. This transport The wonders of the network are that China has been the world leader in terms of passenger and freight turnover and mail and express delivery volume last year.

Vehicles road:

Today, China is promoting the high quality development of its transportation sector.  Deepening the country’s green and low carbon transformation. And improving its business environment. These include smart development of transport modes which is not only helping in the development of high-quality urban transport systems. But also in building modern, smart cities. It is envisaged that an intelligent transportation system equipped with sensing, analysis. 

Control and communication technologies will be applied to improve safety, mobility and efficiency in travel facilities. In this regard, thanks to supportive government policies, autonomous driving and vehicle road coordination. Pilot projects have been established in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. As well as in many other locations. Unmanned buses have also started operating in many cities. Thus, new technologies are being integrated with urban public transport, which has led to many new innovations.

Worlds Transportation:

In addition, China is also strengthening its cooperation with foreign countries. China Europe freight trains are currently reaching more than 200 cities in 25 countries in Europe. And shipping services now cover all coastal countries along the Belt and Road. China’s Ministry of Transport is implementing a five year action plan to transform the country into a transport powerhouse.

 Increase effective investment, accelerate the development of an open transport market and promote global transport cooperation. will import. Which can certainly help in increasing the economic recovery in the context of slow world global growth due to the epidemic.

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