Woman dies after falling from airport elevator in Indonesia

 Woman Isa Santa Devi dies after falling from airport elevator in Indonesia.

What kind of security is this at a world class airport?

A woman has died after walking through the wrong set of elevator doors. And falling down a shaft at an Indonesian airport.

Airport staff found the body of 38 year old Isa Santa Devi three days later after authorities ordered an investigation into a foul odor at the airport.

An airport spokesperson also told  CNN Indonesia on Monday that after an inspection. It was found that the elevator was operating normally. However.

She did not say when the inspection was conducted.

Isa Santa Devi body has been shifted to a local hospital for post mortem.

CCTV footage shows Santa Devi final moments before falling from an elevator at Kulanu Airport in Medan in northern Indonesia on April 24.

She entered the elevator through 1 set of doors. Then turned to press the button for another floor. She stood and waited. looking at her cell phone as another set of doors opened behind her.

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She was then seen pressing the elevator button again, still seeing the same doors she had entered through. Santa Devi was then seen making a disturbing mobile phone call as she walked out of the closed doors and stepped into the void. His body was then found at the bottom of the shaft by airport staff 3 days after complaints of a foul smell.

When Santa Devi family lost contact with her and failed to locate her at the airport terminal. They sought help from the airport staff to find her. According to reports. before her death Santa Devi called her niece that she was in trouble.

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Santa Devi brother Me Raja Hesbon has blamed the lift poor security. He said that it is a world class airport. He questioned what kind of security standards are there at this place.

The response given by the staff was very unsatisfactory.

Police have interrogated 12 witnesses including airport and security officials. According to the police officials. They may also record the statements of more witnesses to arrive at the facts.

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