A PIA air hostess was suspended from her job

 A PIA air hostess was suspended from her job after the room service lady behaved inappropriately at the hotel.

Lahore: Daily Pakistan Online: A PIA air hostess has been suspended from her job due to inappropriate behavior with a room service lady in a hotel in Canada.

According to the news: The hotel management had called the police on the complaint of the alleged se-xual harassment by the senior flight steward Muhammad Idris Khan. The Canadian police immediately detained the senior flight steward for some time and immediately returned to the hotel. Asked to leave. While Mohammad Idris was allegedly blacklisted for future by the hotel management.

The country manager of the airline in Canada after receiving the email of the incident. ordered the immediate suspension of the steward and the suspension of Mohammad Idris Khan was also allegedly banned from posting on flights to Canada.

PIA spokesman has also said that Muhammad Idris Khan had reached Toronto from Islamabad on July 7 by PIA flight PK 781 but there is no truth in the news of the steward’s arrest and taking him to the police station. Idris Khan was suspended on a complaint to the IA.

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