British Airways accident ankles back and hips passengers were fractured

 In the accident the ankles, back and hips of the passengers were fractured

London (Daily Pakistan Online) A British plane flying from Singapore met with an accident at an altitude of 30,000 feet during which the passengers’ ankles, back and hips were fractured.

According to private TV Express News, the British Airways plane was flying over the Bay of Bengal during its flight from Singapore to London when the plane suddenly began to wobble at an altitude of 30,000 feet. It turned out to be a very serious maneuver from the routine. Sometimes the plane would suddenly fall 5 feet down and suddenly rise up 10 feet, on which the passengers who were wearing seat belts on the pilot’s orders suffered severe injuries.

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One passenger suffered a fractured ankle, another suffered a back fracture while another suffered a fractured hip. 5 crew members were also seriously injured. The pilot managed to bring the plane back to Singapore where the passengers were given medical attention.

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