How To Get Passport Clearance Dubai Airport

How to get passport clearance done at Dubai Airport during rush hours?

As soon as the rush at Dubai airport increases. The biggest difficulty is how to get the passport clearance as soon as possible because the rush.

As the rush increases at Dubai Airport the biggest problem, is how to get the passport clearance as soon as possible. Because the clearance starts getting delayed due to the rush.

But few people know that Dubai Airport has dedicated passport control counters for passengers between the ages of 4 and 12 years. On arrival at Terminals one, 2 and 3 you can use the dedicated passport control counters to stamp your passport independently.

As well as for those traveling with families passengers over the age of 12 can use the Smart Gates. To speed up the passport control process. According to the Dubai Airports website. Passengers registered at Smart Gates can clear passport control by simply seeing the green light no need to scan any documents.

These were among the top tips issued by the operator of Dubai International Airport. The world’s largest international airport. Which is expected to handle 3.3 million passengers over the next 13 days. In addition Dubai authorities are expecting an increase in arrivals at airports across the country as Dubai residents return after a 2 month summer break.

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According to Dubai International officials with average daily traffic reaching 258,000 visitors. August 26 and 27 is expected to be the busiest with more than half a million visitors. The airport operator is working closely with airlines, control authorities and commercial and service partners to ensure a seamless journey for passengers.

Dubai Airports in the United Arab Emirates has said that 3.3 million passengers will be welcomed at Dubai International Airport during the next 13 days.

According to Emirates Daily millions of expatriates are returning to Dubai for the summer holidays and the reopening of schools.

Flights from Dubai Airport to 236 airports in 99 countries

Dubai Airports expects an average of 258,000 people to arrive at Dubai Airport on a daily basis.

Dubai Airports says that there will be a huge rush at Dubai Airport on 26 August and 27. More than five lakh people will arrive in Dubai in these two days.

Passengers between the ages of four and 12 will be given the opportunity to self stamp their passports at Dubai International Airport. This facility will be provided in passenger halls one, two and three.

Children above the age of twelve will be able to use Smart Gate to speed up the process of passport stamping.

Arrivals at Dubai Airport will be able to use the facilities of restaurants, coffee houses and Dubai Duty Free Shops.

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Metro Dubai should be used to access building number one and building number three. By using this facility, the rush will be avoided.

Careem Uber Taxi Dubai and Rent a Car can be used from Dubai International Airport.

In addition Dubai topped the world in terms of hotel bookings for accommodation from the United Kingdom (UK) during the first 6 months of this year.

500000 foreign tourists arrived in Dubai from the United Kingdom during January to May 2023.

Emirates Illum also said with reference to Google statistics that most of the world searches about Dubai are being done on Google.

Dubai tops the graph for hotel accommodation information. More information is being obtained about hotels in Dubai than the most famous cities in Spain, America,France, Holland, Rome etc.

In the first six months of this year. UK British tourists searched for the top three cities for flights with Dubai ranking third.

During the first six months of this year Dubai ranked second in the world for international flights and hotel stays.

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