Multan Airport: Saudi Civil Aviation Reviewed Security arrangements

 The Saudi Civil Aviation delegation reviewed the security arrangements of Multan Airport Pakistan

Delegation of Saudi Arabia General Authority of Civil Aviation reached Multan from Lahore, in the second phase and the airport administration welcomed the team.

On Wednesday an 8 member team under the leadership of Inspector Muhammad Al-Ajmi inspected the security matters at Multan Airport.

According to the spokesperson of Civil Aviation orders have-been issued to the management. At all airports in Pakistan to provide full support to the Saudi guests.

The Saudi General Aviation team will inspect the airports of Lahore. Sialkot and Multan in this 2ndphase. This second phase started from Lahore on Tuesday.


The safety assistant team of Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has been given a complete briefing about Multan Airport and the team is being informed about all aspects of security.

Safety Assistant Team A will also review the security measures taken by the airport security force. Airlines ground handling agencies.

During the inspection of Multan Airport. The Saudi safety team will also inspect security service providers. including cargo agents and catering and the effectiveness. And quality of their security measures.

After completing the inspection of Multan Airport. The team will leave for Sialkot tomorrow, while in the third phase. The security arrangements at Islamabad and Peshawar airports will be inspected.

According to the statement of the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority. The purpose of the Saudi GACA security delegation visit to Pakistan is to approve the security of direct flights from Pakistan for Saudi Arabia.

It should be noted that the delegation led by Lead Inspector Muhammad Al-Ajmi had visited Karachi Airport in the first phase.

On completion of the visit the eight-member delegation left Karachi for Saudi Arabia on 7 June. While the second phase began on June 13.

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