Pilot Dies After Collapsing In Bathroom: Emergency Landing

 Pilot dies after collapsing in bathroom: Emergency landing of the aircraft.

Miami: The 56 year old pilot of the plane carrying 271 passengers from Miami. Captain Evan Andover died after collapsing in the bathroom during the flight. Prompting the Co pilot to make an emergency landing.

According to the international news agency, the pilot of the Latam Airlines flight started feeling unwell 3hours after take off. The co-pilot in command of the aircraft went to the washroom and fell unconscious there.

The unconscious pilot was given first aid on the plane but he did not regain consciousness. After which the Co-pilot made an emergency landing of the plane at the Tucuman International Airport in Panama.

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A team of doctors declared the pilot dead at the airport. The 56 year-old pilot. Captain Ivan Andover, had 25 years of flying experience.

After the necessary procedures, the plane left Panama Airport for Chile

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