Texas: US worker on runway torn apart by jet engine

 Texas: US worker on runway torn apart by jet engine

A worker at the San Antonio International Airport in the US state of Texas was tragically killed when a jet engine pulled him to pieces as he approached a plane approaching the airport. The worker did not realize that the engine was still running and not shut down. Pieces of the unfortunate worker’s body were scattered on the runway.

According to a local TV channel, the emergency services reached the scene of the incident at 10:25 pm on Friday night.

The National Safety Council. Transportation has issued a statement that information on the accident will be collected and an investigation will be conducted. Al-Arabiya.net reported, citing the local TV channel’s website.

The plane, belonging to the American company Delta Airlines, had just arrived from Los Angeles when an employee of Unifi Aviation contacted it to work for ground handling operations. This freak accident needs to be investigated.

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