Tourists Buses Other Vehicles Entry closed in Murree

 Tourists Buses  an other Vehicles Entry closed in Murree

Thousands of people reached Hill Station during the Eid holidays.

The federal capital Islamabad Police says that the entry of vehicles into Murree has been temporarily closed to control tourists.

Spokesman Islamabad Police has issued a traffic alert on the social networking website Twitter and said:  That the Rawalpindi Police has temporarily closed the entry to Murree. Vehicles are being sent back from the 17 mile toll plaza between Islamabad and Murree.

The Capital Islamabad Police said the closure was imposed as a temporary measure to manage the heavy flow of tourists visiting Hill Station during the Eid holidays.

Citizens are urged to plan their journey based on this information. Islamabad Police added, to reduce congestion and facilitate citizens. Islamabad Capital Police officers are present at entry and exit routes. .

In another tweet: Islamabad Police Spokesman said that the traffic entry from 17 miles Islamabad is open, but keep a margin time of 20 to 30 minutes to avoid delay due to rush.

The decision to temporarily restrict entry from Murree, is aimed at controlling the number of tourists visiting the area and ensuring smooth functioning of local infrastructure.

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This measure has been taken to avoid any inconvenience to the residents and to maintain the flow of tourists.

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Earlier on Saturday: The weather forecast had said that there is a chance of rain at Hill Station during the evening or overnight.

Murree is a popular and easily accessible tourist attraction for people living in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

However: The influx of vehicles causes traffic problems as the hill station can only accommodate a maximum of 8,000 vehicles.

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