Condition of metro bus track is main cause of accidents

 The condition of metro bus track is the main cause of accidents.

Lahore : Accidents on metro bus track have become normal. The condition of metro track has been declared as the main reason for bus accidents.

The condition of metro bus in Lahore is getting worse. The mega project of the city has become a victim of the government’s inattention.

 There have been revelations of the jungles, barriers, broken electrical equipment and bad lights of the metro stations. The contract was awarded to the company but the repair and maintenance work could not be started.

88 station lights and 44 corridor pole junctions on metro bus track are damaged, 39 station fans on track and ad grade. 9 LT distribution panels, one transformer is also burnt, 10 earthing pits of ad grade, data cabin 2 air conditioners are also non functional.

67 junction lights of the metro station and 31 fans installed at the stations are also closed, 3 crore 86 lakh 41 thousand rupees were estimated for the repair of the metro bus but the mass transit authority did not spend the money.

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According to the Mass Transit Authority, the repair and maintenance of the metro track is in progress, the work will be completed in a month by a private contractor company.

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