Decision Outsource Airports Islamabad Lahore and Karachi

 The decision to source Three Airports of Pakistan.

The tender will be issued before the end of the current government: sources said

The government has decided to outsource Islamabad Lahore and Karachi airports.

According to the sources the government has decided to outsource Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi airports. The preparation of which has been started.

Sources say that the tender for outsourcing the airports will be issued before the end of the current government. This tender will be issued in international newspapers.

According to sources: Islamabad Airport will be outsourced in the first phase and Lahore and Karachi in the second phase. While Skardu Airport will also be considered for outsourcing.

Sources say that the security and air traffic controller departments of airports will remain with Civil Aviation.

What is outsourcing and how will it benefit travelers?

According to aviation officials Pakistan receives an annual revenue of Rs. 30 billion from airports. While outsourcing will not only increase the revenue manifold but contracts with international companies will be settled in dollars. Which will give the government a means to increase dollar reserves in the country.

On the other hand international companies will provide lounges and terminals with international brands. Restaurants and all other facilities that are offered to passengers at international airports.

Under the proposed framework airport terminal services, parking ground handling, cargo services and cleaning will be outsourced. While areas like security and air traffic control will be under the control of civil aviation.

According to the aviation authorities, after getting the approval of the proposed framework from the Prime Minister. advertisements for tenders from international companies will be issued.

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