Fare Lahore to Rawalpindi Peshawar Increased Prices

 How much was the fare from Lahore to Rawalpindi and Peshawar increased due to the high price?

Pakistanis will lose their senses after hearing this.

Lahore / Rawalpindi (Daily Pakistan Online) Public transporters have started collecting arbitrary fares in view of the increase in petrol prices. By the government by increasing the fares from Lahore to other cities by 300 to 400 rupees. 

While the public transporters of the twin cities have increased the fares.

According to the details the fare from Lahore to Karachi has been increased from 6,000 to 7,000 rupees. The fare from Rawalpindi has been increased from 2,000 to 2,200 rupees, the fare from Peshawar has been increased from 2,500 to 2,750 rupees. The fare from Lahore to Quetta has been increased from 4,400 to 4,650 rupees. Murree fare has been increased from Rs 2400 to Rs 2650.

The public transport fare control system in Islamabad has become completely inactive. The transport authority became helpless after 15 days due to the high cost of fuel, Islamabad stop to stop fare has been reduced from Rs. Increased to 170 rupees.

 Fare from railway station to Kachhari Chowk increased from 50 to 60 rupees, fare from railway station to Taxila increased from 20 to 160 rupees.

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 Public transport from Rawalpindi to other cities. The fares of AC and non AC buses service have also been increased by Rs500 to Rs 3,500. Due to increase in goods transport fares, food items have also become expensive

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