Qatar Airways Announced End Of Class

Qatar Airways Announced the end of the class

Qatar Airways: which won the award for the best airline in the world. Has announced the end of first class in its flights. According to Daily Pakistan Global. The Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Airways, Akbar Al Bakr, says that the investment in luxury first class seats of Airways. There is no justification, because the same comforts are being provided in the business class as well.

In an exclusive interview Akbarul Bakr explained his point and said. I do not understand the reason for investing in two classes of the same flight at the same time.” Why should first class be maintained when the same facilities are being provided in business class?

He said also The future belongs to Qatar Airways’ business class, known as the Q Suite. According to the report, the announcement made by Qatar Airways has caused a stir in the aviation industry. The airline is also planning to retire its A380s, which still have first class. In their place, new Boeing 777X aircraft will be added to the Qatar Airways fleet.

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