Flying Taxi Service Available in India After 3year

Flying taxi service will be available in India after three year

The aircraft produced by the American company has a seating capacity of five people including the pilot.

Inter globe Enterprises, the company that operates Indian airline IndiGo. Has planned to launch a flying taxi service in India in the next 03 years in partnership with America Archer Aviation.

Inter globe Enterprises and Archer Aviation said in a joint statement that the air taxi service to be launched in 2026 will compete with road taxis in terms of fares.

According to the news agency Reuters. The purpose of the partnership of these two American and Indian companies is to invest in meeting the transport needs of the world’s most populous country.

India is facing severe congestion on roads as well as pollution in big cities.

American company Archer Aviation is backed by automobile manufacturer Chrysler.  Aircraft manufacturer Boeing and airline company United Airlines.

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Archer Aviation specializes in electric vertical take off and landing aircraft, and it also sees these aircraft as future urban air rides.

The Archer built aircraft Midnight can carry four passengers and a pilot and can fly up to around 160 km.

The company is trying to start the service with 200 aircrafts from Delhi. The capital city of India, Mumbai, the economic center of the country and Bengaluru. The city called Silicon Valley of India.

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These companies claim that it takes 60 to 90 minutes for the citizens to travel in the capital city of Delhi. That route can be covered in just seven minutes by air taxi. In addition, the electric aircraft will be used for cargo medical emergency. And will also be used for charter service.

A partner in the air taxi project is Indian company Inter globe Enterprises. Which owns a stake in IndiGo Airlines. It also has hotel and logistics businesses there.

In July this year, the United States Air Force signed a contract with Archer Aviation for the supply of 6 midnight aircraft’ worth 142 million dollars about 40 billion Pakistani rupees.

Last month, Archer Aviation also announced that it may launch an air taxi service in the United Arab Emirates UAE.

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