Restore Two More Passenger Trains: Pakistan Railways

QUETTA City: Pakistan Railways has announced plans to restore two more passenger trains.

Akbar Bugti and Bolan Mail Express connecting Quetta with Karachi and Lahore respectively will be restored.

Divisional Superintendent Quetta Muhammad Yusuf Laghari also said: On the instructions of the caretaker government and PR authorities all is ready to restore the two trains.

Bolan Mail will resume operations on 25 December 2023 while Akbar Bugti Express will be restored in March 2024.

Both the trains will facilitate the people of Sindh and Punjab to travel to Balochistan and vice versa. Currently Jafar Express is the only operational passenger train in Balochistan running between Quetta and Peshawar. Apart from local Chaman and Harnai trains.

The Bolan Mail will consist of 12 coaches with dining car and sleeping facility.  DS Railway said. He added that clean blankets, pillows and quality food will also be provided to the passengers.

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