Sweat Wallet App

Sweatcoin is a mobile app that offers users rewards for exercising. When users run, walk or perform other activities that require physical activity The app records the steps they take and transforms these into a cryptocurrency known as “Sweatcoins.” They Sweatcoins can be used in exchange for rewards, including fitness-related gear or devices, gift cards and even for experiences.

The idea is very innovative because it encourages users to get more active through tangible rewards for the effort they put into. It incorporates a pedometer in the app for tracking steps. the app is free to download and utilize however there are some additional features that can be purchased.

It’s important to note that although the app might inspire some people but it’s not an alternative of a routine exercise program or skillful medical recommendations. The user should be mindful of the safety of their own health while exercising.

It is the easiest method to step into cryptocurrency. There is no cost to pay any person can get started making SWEAT, a cryptocurrency together their actions.
Within the Sweat Wallet you can stake your SWEAT into Grow Jars in order to earn a percentage reward and return!


Earn rewards by taking SWEAT on the staking!

There are different levels to earn rewards. The higher the stakes, the higher rewards you’ll be able to get.

These are:

The Cryptocurrency Prize
The vouchers are for the bluechip brands of Amazon, Nike, Adidas
Tickets to major sports concert, events and many more
Benefits for the community
Stablecoins Coming soon


Other features include:

One-click log in
Transfer SWEAT – transfer it to other people
Play a game against your the other players together Sweat Hero

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