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Sweatcoin is the application which turns your everyday actions into digital currency, is an excellent method to earn some extra money. The Sweatcoin developers are planning to create Sweatcoin an cryptocurrency you’ll be able exchange with other currencies such as Bitcoin. Meanwhile you’ll be able to exchange the coins you earn for items like gift cards, gift cards, or even PayPal vouchers – real money that you could spend virtually anywhere. This wikiHow article will tell you how to earn Sweatcoin with the devices of your Android, iPhone, or iPad.

Sweatcoin can be described as an achievement tracker to benefit a new generation. Earn sweatcoins to purchase goods or services, and experience from our partner brands on the market. If you’re feeling charitable, you could exchange them with loved ones and give them to great causes via Sweatcoin to do good.
The more fit and healthy you get, the more wealthier you will become. Moving is beneficial!

It’s possible to earn sweatcoins when you workout in your home or outdoors. The activity tracker on Sweatcoin lets you track the progress you make: calculating steps as well as monitoring your workout performance.

Download Sweatcoin for the ability to use discounts for no cost thanks to our market place, which is brimming with special discounts and items.

If you’re looking to improve your fitness level and lose weight, or simply keep an eye on your fitness levels, Sweatcoin is the perfect application to keep you well.

The Sweatcoin app is available on your phone (Android as well as iPhone) and on your smartwatch (currently available on Apple Watch, stay tuned for Android Wear support). It’s just only one step before you can begin!


Sweatcoin runs on in the background, using batteries, and will count your steps and act as the distance tracker or pacer.

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Sweatcoin utilizes its own algorithm to track the steps you take. It’s because unlike some apps that track you, we do not keep track of the location of your device and do not require sharing any of your information with third parties. Your information is solely yours (and remains so! ).

1. Install Sweatcoin on your smartphone and Apple Watch. You can purchase Sweatcoin to your Android via the Play Store as well as for your iPhone as well as Apple Watch from the App Store. Once you join Sweatcoin it will earn you sweatcoins which is the currency used by Sweatcoin simply to walk. It is possible to exchange sweatcoins to purchase items from the marketplace, which includes PayPal vouchers, which can be used to purchase items at any location which accepts PayPal (or deposit money into an account at your banks).
2 Select between the free or Premium plans based on the amount of money you’d like to earn. 
The basic version of Sweatcoin restricts your earning by the amount of 10 sweatcoins (approximately 10,000 steps) daily. [1] If you sign up for a Premium membership You’ll get 2x sweatcoins you earn for the same number of steps. Plus, you’ll earn more than 100 sweatcoins each day. Premium subscribers also have access to exclusive gift cards and deals on the market.

  • Sweatcoin has ended their member-based system based on tiers, which was previously used to calculate the amount of sweatcoins members received. The company now has two types of membership available: Premium and Free.

3. Always keep your mobile close to you. It was previously only able to count the steps you took when in the outdoors. However, it now tracks your steps indoors. Keep your smartphone in your pockets (or carrying the Apple Watch) while cleaning cook, cleaning or simply walking around will bring in more sweatcoins than you imagine.

  • Sweatcoin monitors your steps so long that it’s running in background. You don’t need to keep the app open in the background. All you need to do is ensure that you do not quit the application by force.

4. Complete a Daily Bonus 3 times a day. If you’re willing to view 3 ads each day, you’ll get extra sweatcoins. Simply log in to the Sweatcoin homepage and scroll until “Daily Bonus,” and hit the button. Try My Luck To complete every bonus.

  • The amount of bonuses can go in the range of 1000 sweatcoins in a single ad however, that’s not the norm. Based on the Sweatcoin subreddit on Reddit The majority of users receive the range of 0.9 to 2 for each activity the majority of those who have received the highest bonus amounts have been between 20 to 100 sweatcoins. [4]More than a handful of users have received more than 50 but if they’ve earned more than this there’s no discussion of the amount on Reddit.

5 Participate in competitions. If you compete against other people on Sweatcoin You can earn extra sweatcoins in addition to the ones that you already have earned. Simply click the Challenge icon (the two people who are overlapping) on the lower left of the screen. Then, choose a race from “Sweatcoin Races.” There’s no limit on the amount of races that you’re allowed to join and there’s no need to be a winner–just be able to meet the requirements for the races you’ve registered and then let the bonus cash start to roll in. 

Six Invite your members to join. The experience of sweatcoin can be more enjoyable when you’re with your friends. In addition to this, you’ll earn five sweatcoins per person who signs up together the referral link. To give a friend an invitation that includes the referral link, simply access your Social area on Sweatcoin and click the choice to Find and Invite Friends then select the friend you would like to invite.

7 Join the ranks of an Sweatcoin Influencer. Sweatcoin influencers can earn an unlimitable quantity of PayPal vouchers, as with other perks, all by referring new members to Sweatcoin. Your Sweatcoin status is automatically converted to influencer once you’ve already recommended 30 people to become new Sweatcoin members.

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  • A lot of the offers on Sweatcoin’s marketplace offer discounts on items and not free items. Be aware of this while saving your money to purchase items, you might have be able to donate some of your own cash.
  • Sweatcoin users are able to send and users can send and Sweatcoins. The possibility is that you could transfer your Sweatcoins to cash from Sweatcoin. There are a variety of sites online offering to buy your Swatcoins in exchange for cash. However, beware of frauds. They aren’t legitimate and they aren’t for sure through Sweatcoin.

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