TapSwap Mining TapSwap Airdrop and Earn $1000

TapSwap. ai is a decentralized platform (DEX) which deployed on the Solana blockchain and designed by making in mind on how to make trading and financial transactions easier for the users, as well as community-based. The application focuses on making the complex interlinkage of currencies and financial markets simple so that ordinary people can make … Read more

Sweat Wallet App

Sweatcoin is a mobile app that offers users rewards for exercising. When users run, walk or perform other activities that require physical activity The app records the steps they take and transforms these into a cryptocurrency known as “Sweatcoins.” They Sweatcoins can be used in exchange for rewards, including fitness-related gear or devices, gift cards and even … Read more

Sweatcoin・Walking Step Counter

Sweatcoin is the application which turns your everyday actions into digital currency, is an excellent method to earn some extra money. The Sweatcoin developers are planning to create Sweatcoin an cryptocurrency you’ll be able exchange with other currencies such as Bitcoin. Meanwhile you’ll be able to exchange the coins you earn for items like gift cards, gift … Read more

Online earning websites in Pakistan without investment 2024

Websites that earn money online in Pakistan with no investment in 2022 Web-based Earning Websites can be described as a way of making money through web sources. To do this, having the site, starting an online business or with one of the alternatives to buying online which are available via the Internet. Web-based procurement, it can … Read more

Sweatcoin App Earn Money

Sweetcoin is an app for users which offers rewards for making good decisions to live a healthy lifestyle. Through tracking your exercise, including steps or exercise sessions completed, and making it possible to track the healthy foods you eat, Sweetcoin converts your efforts into a digital money. The coins can be exchanged in exchange for a variety … Read more

Making Jet Fuel From Human Waste

 Making jet fuel from human waste: It is a mess society can not stop making. It is hard to believe but now it is a fact. A new aviation company has developed a type of jet fuel using only human waste. Chemists at a Gloucestershire lab have turned waste into kerosene. We wanted to find … Read more

Nepal Plane Crash Caused By Pilot’s Mistaken

 Nepalis plane crash caused by pilot mistaken engine cut-off’ revealed in : Investigation report A report by government appointed investigators investigating the plane crash near Nepal Pokhara airport.  In January this year said the Nepal plane crash, which killed 72 peoples. Was likely It happened due to pilot’s mistake of cutting off engine power. He … Read more