Karachi To Islamabad Faisal Movers Bus Accident

 Accident of passenger bus Faisal Movers from Karachi to Islamabad, 18 killed more than 10 injured. Pindi Bhattian: A bus going from Karachi to Islamabad has met with an accident on the Faisalabad Motorway near Pindi Bhattian. in which at least 18 people have been killed and more than 10 injured. At least 18 people … Read more

British Airways accident ankles back and hips passengers were fractured

 In the accident the ankles, back and hips of the passengers were fractured London (Daily Pakistan Online) A British plane flying from Singapore met with an accident at an altitude of 30,000 feet during which the passengers’ ankles, back and hips were fractured. According to private TV Express News, the British Airways plane was flying … Read more

Travel Quetta Karachi highway to know causes road accidents

In Balochistan: Quetta Karachi highway has the highest rate of road accidents and fatalities. Due to the high rates of accidents and fatalities on Quetta Karachi Highway. This road in Province Balochistan has now been informally named Bloody Highway. There are 05 highways in Balochistan which have the status of highway. According to the data … Read more