Making Jet Fuel From Human Waste

 Making jet fuel from human waste: It is a mess society can not stop making. It is hard to believe but now it is a fact. A new aviation company has developed a type of jet fuel using only human waste. Chemists at a Gloucestershire lab have turned waste into kerosene. We wanted to find … Read more

Decision Outsource Airports Islamabad Lahore and Karachi

 The decision to source Three Airports of Pakistan. The tender will be issued before the end of the current government: sources said The government has decided to outsource Islamabad Lahore and Karachi airports. According to the sources the government has decided to outsource Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi airports. The preparation of which has been started. … Read more

Salam Airline flight landing at Peshawar Airport

 Salam Airline flight landing at Bacha Khan International Airport Peshawar for the first time. Islamabad: The spokesperson of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority has said that the flight of Salam Airline landed at Bacha Khan International Airport for the first time. According to a statement by the Civil Aviation spokesperson on Monday, the first flight of … Read more

Security Concerns: Delays PIA Flights Europe And UK

 Security concerns: More delays in PIA flights to Europe and United Kingdom (UK). The resumption of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flights to Europe and the United Kingdom has once again come to a standstill due to a security advisory issued by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency. For inspection of quality of PIA by host … Read more

UK Air Traffic Control Technical Glitch Could Days Resolve

United Kingdom UK air traffic control technical glitch could take days to resolve. According to Reuters, 1500 flights were canceled on Monday due to the problem. The government is scrambling to bring back passengers stranded in Europe after a technical glitch with air traffic control in the British (UK). The outage is expected to take … Read more

United Airlines fined $30 million for carelessly disembarking

United Airlines fined $30 million for carelessly disembarking a disabled person from a plane. New York: The American airline United Airlines will pay a fine of 30 million dollars for carelessly disembarking a person paralyzed from both legs and arms. According to SBS News, in 2019. United Airlines Careless action was taken while taking off … Read more

Pilot Dies After Collapsing In Bathroom: Emergency Landing

 Pilot dies after collapsing in bathroom: Emergency landing of the aircraft. Miami: The 56 year old pilot of the plane carrying 271 passengers from Miami. Captain Evan Andover died after collapsing in the bathroom during the flight. Prompting the Co pilot to make an emergency landing. According to the international news agency, the pilot of … Read more

Bangladesh Biman Airline Buy 10 Large A-350 Airbus

 Bangladesh Biman Airline decision to buy 10 large aircraft from Airbus Biman Bangladesh Airlines: The state owned airline of Bangladesh, has decided to buy 10 large (wide body) aircraft from the French aircraft manufacturer Airbus. We have decided to buy 10 aircraft considering our needs. Bangladesh Deputy Aviation Minister Mehboob Ali told Reuters on Monday. … Read more