Blue Road for modern regeneration of Lahore city

 Introducing  concept of Blue Road for modern regeneration of Lahore city CBD Punjab Province introduced Blue Road concept for modern regeneration of capital of Punjab Lahore city. The  Punjab Central Business District Development Authority PCBDDA” has introduced the concept of Blue Road. In its ongoing project of Kalma Chowk Underpass Remodeling and CBD Punjab Boulevard. … Read more

Six Million Kilometers Long Transport Network China

Worlds Largest Six million kilometers long transport Chinese network. Yes: it is a fact that in China amazingly, by the end of 2022. The total length of the country’s comprehensive transport network will exceed six million kilometers.  There is no doubt that historically the improvement of transportation has It has played an important role in … Read more

Bazarcha Terminal on Pakistan Iran Border Opened With Facilities

Bazarcha terminal on Pakistan Iran border opened after two years of closure. Bazarcha Bazar a business hub located on the Taftan border was closed by the federal government of Pakistan in July 2021. The Pakistan federal government has decided to open the Bazarcha border terminal in Taftan. Pakistan Iran border area in Balochistan province after … Read more

Tech Valley Balochistan: Google Digital Education scholarships

 Tech Valley Balochistan: Project to provide digital education in collaboration with Google. Under this agreement: Tech Valley in collaboration with Google will provide scholarships, worth $500,000  to the youth of the Blochistan province. Secretary Colleges Mr Hafiz Abdul Majeed and Tech Valley Pakistan representative Mr Umar Farooq signing a memorandum of understanding with the Govmt … Read more

Travel Quetta Karachi highway to know causes road accidents

In Balochistan: Quetta Karachi highway has the highest rate of road accidents and fatalities. Due to the high rates of accidents and fatalities on Quetta Karachi Highway. This road in Province Balochistan has now been informally named Bloody Highway. There are 05 highways in Balochistan which have the status of highway. According to the data … Read more

Khunjerab Pass Main Trade Route Between Pakistan and China

The Khunjerab Pak-China Pass between Pakistan and China reopened after three years. Chinese authorities have sent a letter to the Pakistani authorities. Regarding the reopening of the Khunjerab border Pass for trade And Goods transport services. Khunjerab Pass: The main Cargo trade route between China and Pakistan, was reopened on Sunday after a gap of … Read more

World Longest Tourist Bus Journey Spans 56 Days 12000km

 Get ready to take the longest Word  bus journey The world tourist longest journey spans 56 days &12000 kilometers. If you are an adventure, lover then the good & exciting news is that for the 1st time. The world longest tourist trip is going to take place. According to CNN report: The Indian tourism company Adventures … Read more

Free travel on Lahore Metro Orange Line For Students happy

Free travel on Lahore Metro Orange Line: Students happy economists worried The students say that the government has given them relief in this era free travel of inflation. However, according to economic experts, this will put an additional burden on the provincial treasury. The caretaker Government of Punjab has announced free travel facility for the … Read more